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Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid (Away) UCL 2010/11 – English Commentary – HD 1080i

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Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid.
Uefa Champions League 2010/11, Semi-Finals, First Leg.
Real Madrid 0-2 FC Barcelona 27/04/2011.

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Subhankar Mohanta says:

The toxic gameplays of Madrid during that time

Its_Rick_James_Bi*ch says:

Messi could never do it against Saudi Arabia, or turn it on for a wet Tuesday night in stoke!
A luxury player, rather than a game changer!

SG videos. says:

Casillas min 10:06 😂

maniaco depresivo says:

cuando afellay era un joven promesa

maxphilly says:

The best goal in UCL history

Dido Kishan says:

Messi is the god of footballer

Rusdiono Saja says:

Hoe XL Keterlaluan

dhruvv says:

11:05 🗿😭😭

Ezechiel Nahimana says:

Mess is very spensial in the best

Majnun 💀🖤 says:

He’s not human seriously

Young g Dashy says:

People please stop comparing this Allen to any human

Led Zeppelin says:

Christiano Ronaldo my arse, THIS lad from Argentina is the greatest player who ever laced up a pair of boots!!!!

Ali Hashem says:

I watched this live when i was 8 years old

Francisco Ruiz says:

this is what guardiola meant when he said he could do it alone

nicoswow says:

funny how mandrileños whistle messi after an easy foul…their dirty useless mercenaries doing dirty tackles all game long on messi. Not a barsa fan, but im so happy leo humiliated them for so long…the worse kind of fans, team and players. If u are a pussi madridista reading, u even copy our songs of boca, fking coldchested. All u got is money. Even ur greatest footballer ever is argentinian, find a spanish instead of tristiana penalda.
Right after they fouled him and one of them sit on him, blind referee, he takes the ball and dribbles ur death talentless bitches. U pay those shitty dirty players millions and leo destroys and humiliates them, justice.

Davi vff lands says:

simply messi

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