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[Splatoon 3] Salmon Run New King Salmonid Boss Megalodontia Big Run

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[Splatoon 3] Salmon Run New King Salmonid Boss Megalodontia Big Run

Description:Join us in the thrilling world of Splatoon 3 as we delve into the exciting event of the Big Run on Barnacle & Dime multiplayer map. In this video, we explore the introduction of the new King Salmonid boss, Megalodontia, and strive to achieve the top 5% Golden Egg achievement!

Megalodontias are a type of King Salmonid that make their debut in Splatoon 3 during the Salmon Run Next Wave’s Xtrawave. They are the largest King Salmonids, measuring “1.4 boats long” and possessing the ability to swallow a ship whole if the mood strikes them. These massive creatures bear striking resemblances to Maws but are much larger in size. With their white bulging eyes, blue hair, and an orthodontic braces-like contraption around their jaws, Megalodontias are hard to miss. Additionally, they have various nets and a prominent red bump with black bandages forming a cross on their backs.

During gameplay, Megalodontia will submerge and target a player. A large circle will track the player’s movements, indicating where it will emerge. After a set period, the circle stops, and Megalodontia jumps out, devouring anything within its reach, similar to Maws. This unique attack can splat other Salmonids, including Boss Salmonids, who drop valuable Golden Eggs upon defeat. To maximize your chances, aim for the weak point on Megalodontia’s back, the large bump. Attacking this area will deal increased damage.

King Salmonids are colossal bosses that appear during the Xtrawave of the Salmon Run Next Wave in Splatoon 3. After completing a shift, one King Salmonid appears based on the team’s Salmometers’ status. The crew must defeat the King Salmonid within the time limit while also facing off against other Boss Salmonids. Utilize your main, sub, and special weapons to take it down. Additionally, an egg cannon is provided to all players during the Xtrawave, enabling the throwing of Golden Eggs at the King Salmonid for massive damage.

Don’t miss out on the excitement of the Big Run event in Splatoon 3! Watch the video, join us in battling Megalodontia, and strive to achieve the top 5% Golden Egg achievement. Remember to like and subscribe to our channel for more Splatoon 3 content. Let’s dive into the ink-filled world of Splatoon together and conquer the Big Run!

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