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Zuko + Katara vs. Azula 🔥FULL Agni Kai | Avatar

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In one of the most anticipated battles of the series, Zuko and Azula finally go head to head in the Agni Kai to end all Agni Kai. Now, watch this infamous showdown from the ATLA series finale in its entirety. What battle do you want to see next?

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Avatar: The Last Airbender says:

If the fight were only Zuko vs. Azula, who would have won?

Bianca Musial says:

I love the somberness to the music for this battle. Not only does it perfectly fit the sadness of a family divided, finally clashing in one last battle for all that's left, but it perfectly hints at the downward spiral of Azula's psyche as she battles desperately in a hopeless losing effort. Glorious and beautiful in such a sad way.

Juan Dela Cruz says:

ZUKARA right there & it could have been ok.

Leonardo Moraveg says:

does anyone have a link to the music used at the beginning part of the fight?

Unknown says:

Would azula win if she didn't break down at the end? Or would she still loose?

Brennan Caron says:

Zuki had the best character development

ashireiko says:

azula's story is genuinely heart breaking. watching her movements become hectic and hearing her voice, she's slowly succumbing to insanity. watching her scream and cry was the breaking point, she broke and all she could do was frail and scream in pain. i could hear the pain and feel her emotions that even i started crying. she deserved so much better and she was only 14.

Sabir Baloch says:

This is not a kid show..is this?

yağmurlu bir gün says:

The OST name at the beginning of the combat ?

Beka Mtchedlidze says:

3:01 as Azula strikes the lightning, there's a very quick shot of dark theme with circle-shaped light at the center. It's like a symbol of something, or an Easter Egg. Can someone explain?

Mr Professor says:

This is called a cartoon…?

Mr Professor says:

Zuko style: Breakdance No JUTSU

Christian Rodriguez says:


Under the Moon says:

2:30 he attacc
3:12 he protecc

LoK IroH says:

3:30 Gives me the chills

P38 Lightning says:

This isnt just a show… this is something else…

Memes _ says:

anyone watching on a 3ds?

mr _ ron says:

azula in the jail and she never see the sun

mrdegrassifreak says:

A lot of the themes and lessons about fire bending are reflected in this fight. Uncle Iroh told Zuko to remember his basics such as breath control and Azula is panting harshly using all her energy recklessly. Jeong Jeong told Aang Fire is living and you must take care of it otherwise it loses control. She’s losing control literally and figuratively. In order to redirect lighting you guide it to the stomach and out of the fingertips never through the heart. Zuko took it to the chest. Wonderful masterpiece.

cdragonVII says:

The music when the blue and red fire clash gives me chills every time. So much tension and destruction in one moment

David Galán says:

Azula crying at the end always gives me the chills

Alycia Rivera says:

Just beautiful

Kataang a says:

No one is talking about the fact that Katara defeated a fire bender prodigy under the sozin’s comet. A beast

Dean Concar says:

Zuko uses the same move to topple Azula as he does Zhoa in in his first agni ki

Jacqueline Chambers says:

My favourite part of this is that the music could have been really epic to show how momentous this final battle between brother and sister is, but instead they chose a haunting, sad melody to really show that this isn't some amazing triumph – it's incredibly sad that this is what the two came down to and they couldn't reach a reconciliation and they were forced to fight. I really respect that the show went that route

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