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WWE RAW: GRADED (22 June) | Dolph Ziggler Challenges McIntyre, Sasha Vs Asuka Set For Extreme Rules

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Join Tom Campbell for our WWE Raw review as he grades every match and segment from last night’s WWE Raw on the 22nd June 2020.

WWE Raw Results/Highlights:

Dolph Ziggler challenged WWE Champion Drew McIntyre for Extreme Rules
Nia Jax and Charlotte Flair brawled
Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits def. The Viking Raiders
Raw Women’s Champion Asuka def. Charlotte Flair
Akira Tozawa def. R-Truth to become 24/7 Champion
Natalya def. Liv Morgan
Big Show confronted Randy Orton & Ric Flair
WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks & Bayley def. The IIconics
Apollo Crews def. Shelton Benjamin
Rey & Dominik Mysterio, Aleister Black & Humberto Carrillo fought off Seth Rollins and his disciples

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Simon Mills says:

Loving the spaghett refrence tom :')

Taryn Estabon says:

I've lost all respect for Tom and Barry the Shark. Jodie is the worst Doctor from new who by some distance.

Sherwin John says:

I wonder if they are going to put Liv Morgan and Ruby Riot back together which I would love cuz they can be great Women’s Tag Team Champs

Noah Mancini says:

i absolutely can’t believe that liv morgan was pretty much jobbing for NATALYA AND LANA

Nbflowers1989 says:

Please please please don't let Asuka lose the title!

Luke Norton says:

I really thought Dominic was going to turn on Rey and join Rollins just like Rollins did to the shield I think that would be cool

DissidentDemon says:

A group of ninjas isn’t called anything cuz if there’s really a group of ninjas around you’ll never know.

Anvit Gadkar says:

Hey Tom, does Otis look like Brock Lesnar when shaved?

Gods Hand says:

Murder of ninja I believe

David R says:


Bob Tallman says:

Seth will tease Dominic as the prodigal son, say he's on their side. Rey, will probably doubt his son (because, reasons) and it ends with Rollins debuting Dijakovich as their fourth member to set up an 8-person match at Extreme Rules. This way multi-person and weapons, etc. give Dominic Mysterio a way to impress without having to do too much.
Also, Dijakovich mimics Rey Mysterio's aerial offense and Michael Cole explodes in his pants.

Bobsyagod says:

They also dropped the start of a conversation in the Nia/Flair bit, before she got in the ring Charlotte mentions Nia can't talk about family giving her an advantage, then she got stuck getting through the ropes and when she got in the ring she never mentioned it again.

RykenPrime says:

A murder of ninjas.

Nateus says:

Why isn't WWE building Asuka as a strong and dominant champion? This was their chance to rekindle some kind of streak to prove that Asuka (especially to new viewers) deserves the belt after having it "given" to her

Say Jah says:

So the tap wasn’t clean lol, I knew it.

Seyi Agiri says:

I have zero interest in the Edge – Orton program.

Nelson Tanner says:

Flair said, that Orton is the best in WWE History

Duckmeister says:

If Edge expresses any Rated R thoughts, he will need to be indefinitely suspended and mandated to attend Sensitivity Training.

Dharma says:

Guys, he mentioned JOJO'S !!!

Sn Ded says:

Jax really could do with a manager – MVP? Just sayin'

Scott McCurdy says:

Why oh why can't WWE just give Asuka a clean win over Charlotte?! Geez, they REALLY had to emphasize that Charlotte wasn't at 100%. Guh!

soullessginger83 says:

WWE: lets give Asuka the title to replace Becky, Asuka is after all one of the best wrestlers in the world.
Same WWE: Lets make Asuka look Weak AF though…lets make all her wins have Asterisks next to them. Also don't make her look strong in those matches either make the opponents in control.
Asuka Fans: Please let Asuka return to NXT Champ Asuka status!!!! i.e. wrecking people and looking strong AF.

Montana McCarthy says:

Next week R-Truth should come out to the song Against the Ninja from the movie Miami Connection.

Joshua Jibu says:

Yup wwe is scripted so obvious wwe won’t make dolph win wwe title well just wish he can but we wat can I say

Ernest Wert says:

Murder of Ninjas.

Paul Harries says:

Undermined Asuka by having Charlotte "injured".

Wolvie_Zandalari says:

What theyre doing with Dom is what they need to do with Nia. Give her small roles while training her and building her up.

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