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WWDC: Everything Apple just revealed in under 8 minutes (supercut)

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Check out all the highlights from Apple’s WWDC including iOS 14, Mac OS Big Sur, TV OS14 and Watch OS in this 8 minute super short highlight reel supercut. Apple announced so much this year at its WWDC 2020 event, be sure not to miss a thing.


George H says:

Steve Jobs rolling in his grave right now.

SusanMc 6946 says:

All this fancy stuff and I can't even change my iCloud storage, I paid for extra (what I thought) storage, turns out it was extra ICloud storage, which didn't help my storage space. I followed the instructions to 'go back' to the free storage and it will not let me change back! When I do it it says click 'done' when finished BUT 'done' doesn't highlight. I give up! Maybe I'll switch back to an Android!

p0r5ch3911 says:

WWDC 2020 in a nutshell: We pushed our engineers as far as we could to strive forward. And now we can present our biggest innovation today. We call it ‚Widgets‘. Also, an App that tells you how long you have to wash your hands.

Omar Salih says:

Apple misplaced the meaning of "innovative" with "copy from Android" .. Also the last feature is too exaggerated compared to what Intel is doing !!

Yung Stunna says:

So copying android is innovative?

Yusof says:

They finally did what android did long time ago, but with polished animation and optimization. It takes a lot of effort and bold move for Apple, but it's finally worth it!.

They really fullfilled the promise of not being the first but to be the best in what they do – Thumbs Up!..

Clanky J says:

Man that’s a homely bunch

Chris says:

I might buy the Apple Watch just for that hand washing feature lol

R A says:

I have had these menus on my NOTE2, Apple you are so late

Real Meekwamsook says:

Anything new?

CAT TV says:

The song that goes through my mind when I do a frontflip!~

Andrew Nelson says:

so bassically doing what android has been doing for years

Cleidson Lourenço says:

So basically androidifying of ios

Virat Gunwal says:

this is cool, to count 🥳

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