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WWDC 2020 Special Event Keynote — Apple | Opening & Closing Scenes

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Presented by Tim Cook

AURORA – Daydreamer


All sides says:

at 1:10 steve jobs theatre literally gives goosebumps

Amxzinq says:

This would be by far my most favorite apple openings and closings

AnHealthyHappyMan says:

recorded from drone?

Himadrii says:

Here only for Aurora👑❤

Hydrosoft Tech says:

Developers like me love this song so much we’re going to use it a lot

Yudex Gonzalez says:

I love the song that they used.

OliCrack says:

WoW, Dub-Dub was amazing.

RubberDuckyToy says:

How much money did Apple pay Aurora for the right to use her song in this developer conference?

Evil Totoro says:

Hype as #^%*^ what a great song and show.


i love you aurora

Peachey McKeitch says:

Did anyone else get hit right in the feels by this intro? With everything going on seeing thousands of people “connecting in the cloud” + this song was 👌.

MrTakeshiss says:

Epic cinematic intro and song!!

Hafidh Turmuji says:

i'm out of words

Kieran Mahoney says:

the way they bring the camera into the theatre looks like a camera trick used in 2016 music videos

Nick Colonna says:

this intro gave me such goosebumps, while we’re all apart, we’re connected 🙂

Rakesh E says:

Nice video and music with meaningful animation for the year 2020 👌👌👌

Chad Chazli says:

Such an amazing song to a beautifully designed and show performance. Well done! 😊

Faze Money says:

Great editing

DelRey98 B says:


Osman Mohammed says:

Wow, This Is Amazing. Aurora MUSIC As A Lead In Apple WWDC 2020. AWESOME.

Tri Maulidya says:

Aurora 👏👏💖 she is so awesome artist

Dotty Cross says:

The edit of the song is so clean

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