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WWDC 2020 Last Minute Predictions / Rumor Roundup

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Tailosive Tech says:

Lol this aged like milk… I blame leakers

Shadowwin 72 says:

I think they would use the series 4 for the se refres, like is weird if they do it with the series5 and the series 3 is already too old, lest hope

P Patrick says:

No new iMac 🙁

Forte_25s says:

Idk how the hell this guys a popular YouTube this ginger is a clickbait joke

TheLightParadox says:

Well I mean you weren’t wrong at all so great job Tailosive!

Lincoln Shirley says:

Does anyone know where he got his blue sport watch band from? the one with the holes?

Kigen Jude says:

Who is here after the event?

Review Freak says:

I’m from the future and I can tell u there are no redesigned imac ,HomePod or even headphones.🤣🤣🤣 This announcement is purely software.

EDC Gadgets says:

Soooo welcome back… no hardware releases, what do you think of the Keynote?

Vinay Kumar Vutukuru says:

Update: no hardware

Mboving Fredy says:

200 usd watch for kids ?? WTH ?.?

DerFriedrich says:

Everyone else: Oh man, so Sonntag exited for quadruppleDC 2020 tomorrow.
Me: Watching the Video 8 mins before it starts…

Syrian Man says:

Do the jailbreak and you ain’t need no ios 14

Alex Cuevas says:

Dude we don't need USB-C on everything we're fine with lightning

Ant on says:

My prediction: they are not going to unveil any products at all.

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