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WWDC 2020 Impressions: Widgets and The Great Transition!

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0:00 Intro
1:27 iOS 14
5:53 iPadOS
8:10 WatchOS
9:44 MacOS Big Sur
11:40 The Mac Transition
14:48 Sponsor

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Luke Bobo says:

Has anyone downloaded the beta on iPhone?

flaco741 says:

Hello, How do I get the BETA version?

Masyrukh Sontree says:

At last android wins

Lord Adams says:

I just want the smooth 120hz display

Simon Ryan says:

When should we expect it in the U.K.?

bodoti qwiu says:

"It's just funny that so many of these new features in iOS 14 have been around since like the beginning of Android"

Kyle Burton says:

Mmm…I’m not crazy about the sponsorship thing…

Christopher Pompa says:

Let’s get support for the Apple Pencil on the iPhone 👍. LG has pen mode and Samsung has the note series. What the hell Apple???

Christina O'Donnell says:

Samsung user here and I wear my Galaxy watch every single day excepts on the third day when I charge it and I just want to ask….am I only one or every few people who charges there watch a couple hours before bed? You know at the end of the day when I really have no reason to be wearing it because my activity is done for the day. Then that way when I do wear it, it still tracks my sleep and other activities through out the day. I mean it seems so simple to charge your watch whatever it may be a couple hours before you go to bed. I've been doing this for three years since wearing any Samsung activity watch. Same thing with my phone which is the Note 10 plus and my phones prior. Charge it an hour before I go to bed since it charges so quickly and no worries of having no battery the next day.

Zak Daniels says:

Was hoping the “big transition” was USB Type C related

Riyan Rahman says:

The wallpaper link is expired. Can anyone provide me the link please?

Yash Sinha says:

Apple : We are going to be making our own chips!
Lays: uh oh ( nervously sweating )

Emily An says:

Ask Craig: When is apple going to release a refreshed iPod classic. 😉

Mathieu Guignès says:

Maybe should underline the fact that the "Apple's silicon" chip is an ARM processor, which is an important fact since it is a big step forward for desktops and laptops, especially when considering how underpowered ARM chips are for these devices… Let's see how it goes..

Nath's kitchen says:

Heyy guys! Its my birthday 😘🎂🎊😊🎉😘🎂

Nathan Ellmo says:

How noticeable will the transition period be between the intel and apple processor? Also will the prioritization be noticeable after the transition is done on mac processors?

DragonMaster says:

Wallpaper link has been expired. Can you please reshare it again.

Suskam says:

I agree, iOS is playing catch-up to Android OS, but Windows OS copies everything from features that have been around forever in MacOS. It's all good competition I guess.

andrearusky says:

can you re-upload the wallpaper? the link has expired 🙁

M.V. says:

My biggest problem with Big Sur is for sure the new top menu bar. It dos longer encourage anyone to Interact with It, which is fine on iOS where the top menu are more In place to inform the user about stuff like the time or whether the phone is connected to a telephone tower. But on a computer where it’s primarily used for applications to interact with the user, it should be more static (not totally transparent) and in a visual theme with the applications who makes use of it. The menu bar is normally a part of, or extension of the applications on your machine that make use of it. All dropdown menus are in small speech bubbles and are therefore not what you normally would define as a "dropdown" menu, something are just not meant to be rounded. Another big problem I have is that all windows have the same color shade whether they are in focus or not. And at last the Control Center on a Mac is completely unnecessary, you already in the top menu bar have shortcuts for things like Wifi or bluetooth and on the keyboard you already have the possibility to adjust the sound and screen brightness, now you just add a menu more. macOS are becoming so clustered that Windows with with its flat, clean and straight lines, now has become a all around better interface.

Rick C says:

Honestly, I think you are best in class. Quality is everything.

Sharif 9941 says:

Is Apple ditching Thunderbolt technology? It Apple already transferred it’s Thunderbolt trademarks to Intel. The MAC mini given to developer have USB c instead of thunderbolt 3. Is it to reduce the cost of developer version of MAC mini or we won’t be seeing thunderbolt
in future Apple products?

Mats van der Zee says:

In the video you edited that you would lose your car keys if your phone dies but on apple’s website they say your phone will keep a little bit of battery after dying so you can use your car keys on your phone for up to 2 hours after your phone dies

Sean Patrick says:

i love these sneak disses
subtle but golden

Anup Cavale says:

Hope these issue's wll be fixed in ios 14
1.on the control settings the bluetooth and wifi cannot be switched off directly , these usually gets disconnected !
2.battery issues
3.redesign of icons and redesign of camera module on i phones ( nexus line up 😅)
4.mac-os should get more apps !

우수Food says:

It's amazing and great products keep coming out.👍👍

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