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WWDC 2020 Content, SwiftUI, AirBnB Calendar, Accessibility & More!

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Swift News will now be released every other Monday – Subscribe or follow me on twitter to be notified of new episodes. In this episode we cover where to check out all the content from WWDC 2020, SwiftUI mindset, AirBnB’s Horizon Calendar library, Accessibility, ARKit and more.

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0:00 Intro
1:13 WWDC 2020 Content
2:23 WWDC Labs
4:23 SwiftUI
6:02 SwiftUI Views – Mark Moeykens
6:46 iOS 13 Adoption
7:41 HorizonCalendar
9:10 Accessibility
10:00 ARCorner
10:27 Superpower


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Zach Stevens says:

Question for you real quick. You might have been asked this but I haven't seen it anywhere. For someone that knows the very basics of uikit and maybe a little more advanced stuff, do you recommend for a semi beginner to go deeper into uikit or to find courses with all SwiftUI? Should I put all my time into learning SwiftUI for the next 6 months to try and land a job as an iOS developer or should I learn UIkit?

Brandon Shin says:

Never heard of teachable.com but your first two sample lectures were great. Exactly the level of difficulty that I was looking for. The project description is very interesting too.

Wenslo D. says:

Hey Sean, I want to know what you think about Apple charging developer 30% of their revenue.

Doo fus says:

again, great content, thanks Sean. May I ask you what is your opinion on PWA sir?

Henry Mpologoma says:

Hey Sean, many thanks for sharing your insight, top of your game as always, looking forward to the wrap up summary episode already!

Greta Shapiro says:

I've bought Mark Moeykens' book and I can confirm that it's great. I downloaded a free version last year and I liked it a lot so I bought the complete version. I reference it a lot when I build SwiftUI apps. For example, If I forget how to make a picker view I just search "picker" within the book and I'd get a few good, concise examples of it. It's really helpful

Mik Mik says:

Great Job with your high quality contents Sean! Big Thanks!

Mofawaw says:

Hey Sean, thank you so much, this was very informative.
Do you know when SwiftUI 2.0 will be presented? This is my first WWDC and I kinda have no idea how this is all working. Thanks!

Gjermund Gusland Thorsen says:

SwiftUI w/combine is just like Angular in my opinion.

mrGURU says:

Thank you 😊

Marou says:

I've never been a fan of Swift News, but that's because I didn't know that much about dev! But now, I am and with this, I'm learning even more! Thanks Sean!

Alex Vorojbit says:

Amazing news!

reza firouzbakht says:

Today is my best day in 2020 since 2020

Chris Grayston says:

Swift News has 100% become a part of my Monday morning routine. Thanks Sean!

J. M. Camacho says:

Thanks Sean, amazing Swift news video

Norbert Haubner says:

Did you quit Instagram buddy?

Źmicier Fiedčanka says:

Thanks for discount C:

Jason Mitchell says:

Woohoo, DubDub week!

Simantak Dabhade says:

hey Sean I was wondering how I can get the 40% discount on your course, I don't see it on the website, I was really interested but being a broke school student I couldn't get it but im really thinking of getting it now

Shannon Robinson says:

Thanks for bringing back swift news Sean

Ivan Tilev says:

Hey Sean! Thanks for this video – a lot of awesome content as always and enjoy WWDC! 😊


I already have the Mark Moeykens SwiftUI Free books, both the views and the animations ones

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