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WWDC 2020 Apple Event Preview!

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Apple has just announced that their 31st annual, world wide developers conference, WWDC, will kick off — virtually — on Monday, June 22, 2020.

And yeah, that’s three weeks later than usual, but what’s usual this year anyway?

If you’re not familiar with it, WWDC — affectionately known as Dub Dub, is the big summer show where, every year, Apple announces updates to all of their operating systems and the developer frameworks for same, which now includes iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, and, of course, macOS.

Some years, though not every year, Apple also announces new hardware. The new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR. The iMac Pro and HomePod. MacBooks, iPads, even iPhones back in the days of Steve Jobs.

And, now, we have a heavy emphasis on services as well, which are helping to move the needle for Apple even when the rest of the world is on hold.

I’m going to try to keep this short… well, who am I kidding, shortish… because I’ve done a bunch of videos on potential announcements already — hit subscribe to see those — and if you want deeper dives on anything else, just let me know in the comments.

I’m also going to focus it on the keynote — in a hypothetically much lighter, brighter timeline where we still get something like a traditional WWDC keynote — and leave things like State of the Union, sessions, labs, meet ups, parties, and podcasts for a future video. Maybe with a special guest. Let me know who you’d want to see for that.

But, yes, shortish. Promise. On it.

This… is the #WWDC2020 Apple Event Preview!


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Rene Ritchie says:

1. Seriously, if you want to learn how all the neural network stuff we're going to be getting works, check out @t the free stuff is awesome, and if you want more, you'll save 20%. It's a great shelter-and-learn-in-place deal.

2. Which new, rumored features would you like to see videos on next?

Mobster Beast says:

I wish they make it to where you can merge the App Store into the iOS App Store

Scott Medina says:

I’m old enough to remember the days when you couldn’t find software for the Mac due to the Motorola chip. Going to Intel among other changes fixed that almost over night. I fear that a move to ARM could negatively affect software for all but the mainstream offerings from adobe, Microsoft, and web-based apps.

Mohammed Iqbal says:

Rumours have it iOS is being renamed to iPhone OS 👀

Sara Ahmes says:

I really hope they release a new iPad becouse I want to buy the iPad Pro 2020 so if they release a new one the iPad 2020 might get cheaper

Colin Hughes says:

I hope Apple improves Voice Control in several keys ways Baking in what some may arguably call mediocrity for free does not do anyone any favours in terms of extending accessibility. It just leads to frustration and disappointment, and holds back education, careers, and online social engagement. More here https://www.aestumanda.com/technology/2020/06/4-ways-apple-can-improve-voice-control/

Memoji TV says:

Nice Video! 👍

Absolute Ernest says:

Insightful video today, your amazing 🙏

Xxzombie9000 45325 says:

New AirPods. What!!!??

Jedd Rommel says:

I'm hoping for an announcement that they're moving all production out of China

Fares Droubi says:

Join jamstack developer conference Live now !! https://app.hopin.to/events/jamstack-conf-virtual/stage

Ray Hartmann says:

What about an updated MacBook Pro 16 with 10th gen processors

Henriko Magnifico says:

I just want them to "Wow" me. Give me "one more thing". Something to make life better.

Joe G says:

stopped watching when you said dubdub

Paul McBride says:

US banks more competitive than anywhere else? Mate…

NikkiBoy says:

I just want Mac OS 10.16 orrrrr 11.1

walter allen says:

Apple Bundle!!! Yes.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Ritte says:

I wish to know how the mental health works!.. i heard it detects anxiety, but that would be it?…i only wish its for everyone, not like ekg that i am still waiting for. Great work Rene, hello from Mexico!

Don Parker says:

I hope ios 14 fix the signal to LTE..

ᗪOᗰ says:

no. please don’t keep it short. longer, the better

Ari Tjahjawandita says:

I wish a more powerful Apple TV to handle most games that have been proud of on Xbox & Playstation.

Ari Tjahjawandita says:

Will there be a keynote?

Francois says:

We need Apple to realise that what we really want, is more iCloud storage. 5GB is nothing in todays worls

Platin 21 says:

I don’t want to see professional applications they are shit on ios already with ps so i do want to see less merger applications because the Axx series is not even nearly capable of doing desktop like performance just look at how fortnight looks on ios compared to macOS there are worlds between it.

JronmanTech says:

my bank doesn't support apple pay at least with debit cards

Debanik Moulick says:

Please have a video on App Continuity on Google Android vs Apple iOS. Google has 5 messenger apps, while apple has 1. Why and what to expect in future


Are you Member of Apple developer ?

Pat Fraser says:

Should we give up on Siri?All these new acquisitions that Apple has gotten to help Siri and they haven’t done anything that merits a mention . Since everybody is staying home now due to the pandemic now would be a great time to make that HomePod and Siri worthy of a home use.

Tech Rho says:

honestly mental health tracking is a bit over-rated on my opinion, personally i don't really need it

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