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WWDC 2020 – Apple (All the most important thing in 10 minutes)

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WWDC Special Event Keynote — June 22, 2020 – Apple (All the most important thing in 10 minutes)

iOS 14

The main news of the new operating system.

In iOS 14, widgets of different sizes will appear, and they can be transferred directly to the main screen – like on Android. Each widget will replace four to eight applications.
Widgets can be viewed and configured in several ways – in a separate gallery or in the format of an intellectual “stack”. In the second case, the most suitable widgets will appear first – for example, weather data on going to work.

A new App Library feature will appear that automatically sorts applications and arranges them in folders. It will reduce the number of screens with icons, since users rarely scroll further than the second or third. Applications will be grouped both by frequency of use and by category – for example, games from Apple Arcade will merge in one place themselves.

In iOS 14, the picture-in-picture feature will work throughout the system. The video can be watched using other applications, as well as hidden behind the edges of the screen, leaving only sound. The function works for video calls.
Siri will receive a new compact design and will no longer cover the entire screen, and her answers will also appear in card format. She also learned to send voice messages.
Voice typing was completely transferred to the smartphone, so that it will work faster and without internet.
Incoming calls will no longer occupy the entire screen, like Siri.

In iOS 14, an application for simultaneous translation will appear, which will be able to determine the language of the speaker automatically.

In iMessage, the function of pinning correspondence will appear (as in Telegram), and the mimoji will receive new types of customization, including a medical face mask. The application will also appear mentions and answers to specific messages – again, as in Telegram.
Apple Maps will be updated and refined, but the new version of the maps will only be available in some countries, including the United States, Britain and Canada. Interesting places to visit and full-fledged city guides will appear on the maps.
Apple Maps will also add bicycle navigation, taking into account cycle paths and even stairs – the latter can be automatically avoided. The function supports only some cities.
The cards will also support electric vehicles – the system will take into account the remaining charge and calculate the route in accordance with it.
App Clips will appear in the App Store – similar to card gadgets up to 10 megabytes in size. They are needed in cases where the user does not want to install a full-fledged app for the sake of traveling on an electric scooter or calling a taxi.
For the “clips” to work, you need an NFC chip or a visual code similar to a QR. They will also work on websites. They don’t need to give any data – Apple Pay will be used for payment, and for registering Apple ID – with the ability to block the flow of spam emails with one click.
One full-fledged application can have dozens and hundreds of “clips” – for example, for each restaurant that the smartphone owner visits regularly.

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