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WWDC 20 Special Apple Event LIVESTREAM w/ Brian Tong

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It’s WWDC 20’s Livestream coverage with Brian Tong! We’ll start on Monday, June 22nd around 8:45AM PT/11:45 AM ET! See you there! Your support! keeps this channel going! Superchat support is welcome during the lievestream! We’re expecting to see Apple make their official announcement switch from Intel chips to ARM chips in their Macs in the future. We might see and all-new iMac, and big updates to iOS 14, iPadOS14, watchOS 7, tvOS 7 and more! LIVE CALL-IN: 844-811-9561 twitter: @briantong Thanks so much for watching! You can support my independent content at https://www.patreon.com/briantong THANK YOU! SUBSCRIBE! https://www.youtube.com/user/brianton… LET’S BE FRIENDS! http://twitter.com/briantong http://instagram.com/nostratongus https://www.facebook.com/BrianTongTech/ #wwdc20 #appleevent #livestream


sacraa77 says:

Prediction: airpods pro will work with the new translate app to “noise cancel” other languages so it will be just like a native conversation. (Star trek universal translator here we come!!!)

M M says:

It was really good keynote but left me empty could shown new products images, specs I’m sorry but Apple is overrated these features should have been part of Apple ecosystems already

John Paul Aceto says:

So I don’t think they were showing off the GPU when they showed the game. They were showing how smooth it was running on an emulation. Which was pretty impressive in itself

panphillip says:

hi Brian, great broadcast today on the WWDC 20. Can you tell me how to add apps in Widgets and how to turn on wash hand mode in Apple Watch? Thanks!

Gabriel GI says:

Question.. how long do you think apple will keep on supporting intel based Macs?

A B says:

Nice work, as usual.

Eli says:

Dude! As a person with a disability who uses a wheelchair, the maps CYCLING feature is HEAVEN to me! I have used gps/ maps apps for years. They have never included elevation information. Sometimes I would take a particular “walking” route, only to find that there are huge, insurmountable hills on the route. I know this was meant for cyclists, but I DEFINITELY will be using this feature to find the most level and stair-free routes when I travel!

Dragon420’s Review Channel says:

Still can not believe iPad OS did not get a Calculator!

Everardo Gonzalez says:

Let’s stop calling it what it’s not. It’s called a SILICON! Oh boy I can’t wait to see the performance. Can’t wait to get that AirPods Pro update! I hate these stupid things. I can’t get them to connect. I can’t get them to even work with any tip. Great show Brian

Mah Fah says:

Brian how come no mini video of presentation in your own video to experience your reAction. Had to watch that separately while watching yours separately

Pito VH says:

I can’t wait to buy a BMW in my dreams Tonight to try Apple’s new features 😏🤷🏻‍♂️✌🏻

Haught David says:

Am I the only one who is judging based on the mac demos all running on a “live Mac” where the clock never changes from “9:41AM”??? Now that’s …. a bad Apple!! Lol

Michael Coffey says:

I have been listening and watching BT for years. I used to watch because I got a mix of quirky entertainment plus good info but I noticed that all BT could do was rag on Apple over and over. And I tuned in today for the WWDC broadcast and again I heard ragging on Apple. Apple is by far not the most perfect company, but really?! I”m checking BT off my watchlist. I can’t hear anything about the new features anymore, it’s just complaining about what everyone else has already.

Jermaine says:

I believe their pricing will go down w/ these new chips! Best Keynote ever!

Max says:

Look like Android and iOS in love 😂🤣😂

252Scooby says:

So glad we will no longer have our iPhones held at ransom when the call screen will now be smaller & at last cycling added to the maps about time for me it was a good 🍎

DrJones694 says:

That Corona hair though…. Somebody had to say it LoL love the show keep the content coming

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