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Worst Liar | Anwar Jibawi, Mike Tyson & Rudy Mancuso

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Anwar Jibawi says:

Thank you all for watching and subscribing!

Rey Lopez says:

Whats the name of thar female????

Angel Alpheus says:

Anwar good that you know and are showing people that lies aren’t good thanks brother and your a talented actor

Beast Gamer says:

Worset lier ever

Trevor Philips says:

“I trained Mike Tyson for 20 yrs”
“How old are you?”
Me: lol u trained him at the age of 3?!

Glitchy073 says:

I rather say best liar ever 😏

Nhaj Leicar says:

What was the name of the girl again?

Mickey Zombish says:

Those bi t ches don't even know the difference between a waitress and a stripper.

mr jack The werewolf says:

I want to eat some Chito's while l Watch this

Ikind Tank says:

If you watched the delayed reactor video then you’ll know why he’s a champion

Squeaky Reed says:

When does it start being funny?

Antonio Campero says:

I was laughing so hard when he said who the fuck is anwar

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