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World's Worst Salesman | Anwar Jibawi & Rudy Mancuso

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Om Ali says:

شكرا على الترجمة ❤️

Malik Awan says:

Anwar jibarw

Tajay Hamilton says:

Go to 1 squad TV comedy

Beeresh Kumar says:

Jesus Christ is coming soon repent.

52_Gingerrr_86 says:

Imagine if at 1:21 he picked up the wrong knife and actually stabbed himself

shannon Lawrence says:


Epic MEMESss says:

If i ever see a comercial like that i would just turn the TV off and run away

WM C says:

Hi. Do you and Grandpa's friend as a friend

WM C says:

I like you too

Fernando Pacheco says:

Yo Rudy your going to end drunk 😂😂😂

MaxTheMonkey says:

Roommate walks in and sees him talking to his TV

Majestic says:

Imagine if he grabbed the wrong knife and stabbed himself 😬

NibrasTube says:

أنا أبكي الآن ههههه

Nasteho Houssein says:

The Knife part was terrifying omg😨

Web Panda says:

Who’s watching this in 2020

Rolando Roman says:


GuidetteExpert says:

:'D I love his arab humor! At last someone makes video in English representing arab humor :'D

Giovannijose Taaibosch says:

You guys are the best… lmao

Xxp0logangxX says:

1:55 got me yooo

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