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Why Jay Leno's Tesla Remark is so Crucial

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Jay Leno praised electric cars in general and Tesla in particular as the future of transportation, and much like Joe Rogan, being a “gearhead” celebrity Jay Leno’s endorsement of the electric car revolution is more important in some cases than the ones of even Elon Musk. Let’s talk about it as I take your questions and comments during the LIVE stream!

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E for Electric says:

Question to viewers: what are the top celebrities helping the electric car movement today?

swish1onu says:

Not everyone can afford an electric vehicle. Also, how do you think electricity is denerated? Mainly by COAL and other fossil fuels. Lets now consider how much mining will be required to acquire the metals used in those batteries? The mining process to get cobalt and lithium POLLUTE the environment.. but hey, lets forget about all the negatives sell people on the fantasy that they are saving the environment… hahaha

Yoshi says:

I’m a petrolhead and the only gas powered cars that still interest me are old lightweight MT cars. The driving engagement of having a MTs and a clutch is the only thing I miss from gasoline cars. The Model 3 has made most other ICE cars pretty dull.

Baha Mir says:

Alex you are kind of silly

Lucky Luke says:

Skip to 7:30 to hear what Jay Leno has to say.

rocketscience777999 says:

You just talked for 12 minutes and said absolutely nothing.

cableaddict says:

E-cars are important, of course, but they also mean the end of the era of automotive romance.
There's no getting around this, no matter what anyone claims to the contrary.

Rudranauth. Persaud says:

Cars are great but it’s the human that’s not catching up to the tech

Rudranauth. Persaud says:

No one goes off reading with nice vehicles

Ron Alaska says:

We are waiting for lots of used EV’s so everyday Joe can buy one, then they begin crushing ICE cars to make more EV’s. But they will do like Ford and Chevy and will make them need repairs eventually or ,like American appliances lasting 30 years putting themselves out of business, a forever car will end sales eventually!

Xinlin Wu says:

really if the charging problem was solved i would be all for electric cars

Violent_Bebop says:

I think most households can afford 1 or 2 electric cars along with the other gas cars they own.
I'm getting an ev, cause I have 2 cars and a truck. Makes sense Mon-Fri , gas on the weekend out camping.

Rick Ramsowr says:

Question: Does Tesla offer a built-in alarm system in all of their different lines of cars, especially there Model 3 & Y?

GrrMeister says:

My Advice 'Click on Home' after watching 5 minutes of this Garbage.

GrrMeister says:

2:08 Jay has learned a lot from the past 20 Years, but you have not it seems. I foresee that in 20 years time you will regret posting this Crap rubbish and Steam Powered vehicles will make a renaissance and will only contribute a tiny amount of CO².

Chris Teasdale says:

So is Jay Leno going to pledge to NOT buy another new model gasoline powered car? No he will buy the next Dodge Hellcat, Corvette and McLaren and tell the rest of us we should all buy an EV.

S Buechter says:

Proof and re-assure people that they can charge EV'S as easy and acessible as petrol cars and at least fast enough for their needs and you fix it for 95% of all drivers. They can't be bothered what fuels their cars as long as it works in every day life.

AL says:

I have Mercedes s class, Lexus, Prius and Tesla and award goes to Tesla which is the best car I ever driven

Dave Stoutenborough says:

Why does nobody talk about the ammount of pollution produced by EV batteries? The fact that this single process is worse for the environment then building an entire ICE vehicle and sometimes up to years worth of driving, plus the highly toxic batteries can't be recycled.

Doug Kawakami says:

Poor commentary!

gmdriverer says:

Ev are not yet superior or even equal. I know they will be and have their advantages but not yet. Infistructrure is the key

Tom Crisp says:

Doesn't Leno use a Volt as his "daily driver"?

As for celebrities, I'm not very aware of any of them driving Teslas or promoting them. I did notice a Model X as the wheels of choice of one of the key characters on the sit=com American Housewife – but I don't remember seeing Teslas in any other TV shows. (Not that I watch everything on TV, far from it.) I'm wondering if Dave Letterman is now a Tesla driver – he's very concerned with the world he'll be leaving his son and was a visible early owner of a Fisker. Any other highly visible car collectors/drivers besides Leno been seen? Seinfeld, Tim Allen, Floyd Mayweather, Tom Cruise, Patrick Dempsey, Rowan Atkinson, Eric Bana, J Clarkson, John Cena. Rocker James Hetfield has a Model S in his fleet. These folks have car cred, so would be influential to a degree. Then there are the pro drivers of Nascar, Formula 1, etc. Would be interesting to know which of them have been driving electric. (If their sponsorship deals don't prohibit it.)

Daniel Filippus says:

7:57 praise the lord, lift him high. blessed be thy glooooory!!

thomas addis says:

Why doesn’t he like joe Rogan

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