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Why Jay Leno Felt Like 'An Idiot' Buying His Tesla | CNBC

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Jay Leno loves the horsepower of his new Tesla P90D, but buying it came at the expense of an embarrassing moment with Elon Musk.
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Why Jay Leno Felt Like ‘An Idiot’ Buying His Tesla | CNBC


DollyPartonFarts says:

Does it cure not being funny?

Anish Adamane [Free Thinker] says:

I understand why there is a huge gap between likes and dislikes

Sandeep N says:

Even your YouTube titles are misleading let alone your news. I really don’t get CNN logic, make extra 2000 dollars for click bait and put company’s image into jeopardy?

Mark Plott says:

CNBC – VERY Misleading Video, expect a Lawsuit soon from TESLA.

Jordan says:

CEO of click bait

awake-dust says:


Jithesh M says:


Joe Black says:

ROFL. "Horsepower cures a lot of problems."

Yup 😀

Alsaudphotography by octavious says:

well done @cnbc 15k dont like 5k like !

Daniel Murphy says:

Dislikes are bc of CNBC. Not Leno.

The Real Dirty Dan says:

He felt like an idiot buying his Tesla because he is a true car lover. As am I.

FarruFR says:

The actual title " Why Jay Leno Buy A Tesla" that's it.

LegendsAbove says:

That title doesn’t make any sense.

Neeraj Nair says:

Hey people don't forget to DISLIKE & report this video for MISLEADING TITLE.

Neeraj Nair says:

The amount of rage within me after finding out that the title of this video is misleading. Let us see how much gas CNBC has got? How much does Big Oil pay your company to write misleading titles like these.

John Grzeskowiak says:

Wow, now there are two huge idiots, Musk and Leno

V1Gibby says:

This was back when CNBC was paid to crap on the future

dondon k says:

WOW! talk about a click bait!

Illuminati says:

"Horsepower cures a lot of problems"

Amano Yuuji says:

Screenshot of dislikes will be historical

deus vult says:

Oh I get it it's a joke, 'cause he loved it and everyone tryna make Elon look bad

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