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Why Apple's WWDC 2020 changes matter

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On Pocketnow Daily, we start off with WWDC’s minor announcements as well as the new AirPods features. Moving on, WatchOS brings some new compelling features regarding fitness and sleep tracking. iOS 14 shows us how Apple is finally catching up to some features Android has had since forever. iPadOS brings some minor changes but, they significantly enhance the experience. MacOS is getting the biggest changes ever since it became a thing 20 years ago. Finally, Apple is going ARM with their new Apple Silicon and, it’s no lightweight.

All this and more after the break.

0:00 – Intro
Everything About WWDC:
0:42 – Apple’s Home and tvOS are also getting interesting new features
1:52 – Apple AirPods are also getting a software update with new features
2:39 – Here are all the changes to Apple Watch in WatchOS 7
3:53 – iOS 14 overhauls your iPhone’s home screen with App Library
5:47 – iPadOS 14 brings a universal search bar and a useful sidebar
6:58 – Apple Pencil gets a slew of new features with iPadOS 14
7:17 – Apple announces macOS Big Sur: What’s new?
8:34 – It’s official. Apple is moving to custom silicon for Macs starting this year

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Mumble. The Owl says:

Sometimes with certain people’s reactions that I’ve seem it legit feels like;

People: We hate iOS because it’s not as open as Android
Apple: Opens up more and allows for Homescreen Widgets, App Library, PiP API, etc.
People: What the hell now you’re copying Android?!
Apple: Only because you begged us too
People: What did you just say?!
Apple: I mean you’ve been begging for widgets for years and now you’ve got them

KeybladeScar says:

iOS 14 for me it actually really surprised me I wasn’t even stoked for it lol

xicanism says:

the slippery slope of the car enhancements is that the same tech can be used to disable your vehicle beyond your control

Bardhok Ndoji says:

For all Android fans or Apple haters, can I just say this?
Apple is not a company that plays the "Me first" game. They never have, they never will. Everything that Apple has ever invented, has existed before on some forms (is just that the executions have been pretty poor from others) Their main focus is optimizing their OS, adding new useful features when they think tech is mature and the right time, user experience, security, and privacy. They do not jampack the iOS with features trying to please everyone at the cost of user experience and poor optimization. They may take their sweet "forever" time to bring certain things to their OS's but when they do, they usually do it right.

Mustafa Bashar says:

The question should be: is there any hope for a console or a gaming laptop from apple if they are gonna use their in-house chips?

Tumelo Malebo says:

Jaime is so good, he can distill complex info into palatable chunks. Great video

Sagar Yadav says:

Could this shift from intel to apple silicon make macs more affordable

E Scott says:

Indeed very epic. Diehard samsung user might switch. Very interested in these kind of changes from apple.

Carlos Garcia IV says:

Welcome to Android Apple.

Kimmone Wright says:

IPhone Users: We got new features ❌

Android Users: We had those features 10 years ago ✅

Deepak Dulal says:

Rotten apple

David Q says:

Apple’s new silicon opens the door for new gaming console. Sony and Microsoft be aware.

Taco bag says:

100% Apple ARM. and 2nd: see MacOS is 11

Rene Torres says:

Samsung is better

Sam Pomare says:

As an Android fanboy I must admit it looks cleaner on the iPhone.

GyanPrakash says:

Steve Jobs 2007 : iPhone is 10 years ahead of its competitors.

Android 2012 : 25 years ahead of what Fruit company has to offer 🤣🤣🤣

GyanPrakash says:

Introducing features which are 10 years old 🤣🤣🤣 Welcome to the world of Can't innovate anymore my Ass.

jkid323 says:

wow apple is incredible they created everything android has had and write and converted to text like samsung . Apple you are incredible might get me the new iphone with all these old andrroid features so awesome im in 🙂

Caden Churchill says:

iOS 14 = iOS Android Edition.

sako hamilton says:

Mac OS on iPad 😉

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