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What's New in Xcode 12 | WWDC 2020

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In this video I showcase the new features in Xcode 12. I am running the macOS Big Sur beta, but that is NOT required to download the Xcode 12 beta (although you must be in Apple’s Developer Program to download).

Xcode 12 Beta Release Notes:

Xcode 12 Beta Download:

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Sean Allen says:

If you enjoy my teaching/presentation style and want to learn more, you can find my courses here – seanallen.teachable.com


I'm beta 5 bigsur, whenever i run any c or cpp file it says wchar.h not found. Can anyone help me out with this problem

Khojiakbar Umarkhujaev says:

It's still so bad compared to android studio

Vakhtangi Beridze says:

In Xcode 12 Beta3 I can’t see Always Show Tab Bar

Astro Physics says:

Hi Sean,
Thanks for the great videos Please could you help my SwiftUI issue?

I've been trying to build something similar with a vertical scroll that makes the centre image bigger once the scroll has stopped.

I don’t want to use a carousel drag as the user might need to scroll through 100 of cards at a time.

This is the best example of what I am trying to do but in a vertical scroll:
It doesn’t have to be fancy 3D like this but the effect is what I'm after of making the other cards smaller while the centre one gets big after scroll.

YouBetterBeJedi says:

yeah finally tabs like all good editors since years 😀

Felix Hartmann says:

hi, how u learned to code? do you have a specific Idea in Mind when starting?

UPSC says:

What should I learn to become a app developer

David Levanon says:

would be nice if xcode could interpret other languages as a universal ide for apple computers so i wouldnt need to install VSC

Nurlan Akylbekov says:

No UIKit anymore? There was no option UserInterface SwiftUI/Storyboard. What I have to learn if I new? Swift or SwiftUI?

Alperic27 says:

Xcode 12 is stiiiiill a miserable editing experience… code completion is the same toy today that it was 10y ago..


That is a cool color scheme, Kindly share.

Mega XLR says:

Hello sur. I am here to do the needful, sur.

alexandro disla says:

Xcode is a pain the a… ! I have an 500g hdd

or or Vic says:

Dude you are the best, I really benefited a lot from you, I just wanted to thank you so much.

Pratik Purohit says:

Oh, that hammer!!

Romy Ilano says:

Wow thanks !

Ashwin Rohit says:

Did you purchase the Apple Dev Kit?

Andu Barosanu says:

Why are some bars purple ?

silver says:

Thank you. The WWDC20 app is kinda tedious on the Mac since it's designed for iPad UI apparently.

Cap'n Slipp says:

Wait, @Sean Allen is doing regular Swift/Xcode videos again? I unsubscribed when he said he was quitting— not out of disgust or anything, just because I like to keep my subscriptions trim and focused. When did he start doing this again?

Gruntos says:

Objective C ?

Jason Chen says:

other editor has been doing those for years

Henrik T. says:

Well, it sounds quite exiting, great, etc etc but my expectations are very low nowadays. I’ve been using Xcode since Version 8 and what should I say? Code Highlight, auto completion and all this basic stuff never worked properly. Xcode itself is still crashing on a regular basis and that’s all but fun to work with. Do I have to mention that SwiftUI preview does not work most of the time? In conclusion: I really hoped Apple would fix those bugs since I started using Xcode but I do not expect that to happen anymore.

Do you have similar experiences with this IDE? I’d love to know if Xcode treats only me that bad or everyone 😉


When will we get xcode for windows

Anil Todakar says:

Sorry Sir, but command plus and command minus is also working for Xcode 11.

Dhruv Narayan Singh says:

Thanks for sharing

Falcon Club says:

Sean at his best 😎

Majd Hailat says:

The store kit feature is the best in my opinion. Testing in app purchases was really annoying.

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