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Surprise Buy! Let’s Talk April Specials! Costco’s April 2022 Member only Savings book is out! We found some items in the April sales flyer that was worth buying. It starts April 13, 2022 and ends May 9, 2022. We highlighted some things that you should buy.

Some items on sale was the MSI 27″ gaming monitor, Airpods, GreenWorks Lawnmower, Leaf Blower, String Trimmer, Pressure Washer, Cool Tees, Snapware, Frosted Flakes, Sunshine Bars, Kerry Gold, Mini Babybels and More!

Note: That we are in the state of Indiana and prices may vary based on your location.

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Jo ann Green says:

Does it have to be adjustable if it's curved? I think you should upgrade your son might like your old monitor

C Ayres says:

Tech is dirt cheap at the moment due to the worldwide recession , for example in the UK where i live i can buy a brand new iPhone 11 for £300 thats around $360 not bad at all considering 2 years ago same phone was £750

nascar88gyrl says:

I don't get it! You claim you're trying to save people money by showing what's on sale and making 2 trips–one to show what will be on sale and another to actually purchase the items you need that are on sale. Why not save gas and money by making just one trip on the first day of the sale? That would make more sense to me.

Brian L says:

Shoulda bought 2 monitors. Then return if needed in case they sell out

Love and Life says:

Peg should win because you got a new one last year.

Jeanette Wasick says:

Unfortunately, Peg will get the monitor because it's her way or no way.

Ryan Hilson says:

Buy the LG ergo 4K

Randy Johnson says:

You're a mean one, Mr Grinch! 🙂

Florence Young says:

Thurl Ravenscroft was the voice of Tony the Tiger. He also sang "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" from the Dr. Seuss" How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Michelle Dunn says:

Don't be such a nag Peg

Maggie A. says:

The guy who did Tony the Tiger also voiced one of the ghosts at the haunted mansion At Anaheim Disneyland

Sandy Rose says:

I have a few sets of those Snapware containers – glass and plastic – all with lids. The Best!!!! I also have several sets of those short-sleeve stretchy tops – which I wear under tops — and pajama tops – when it's cold. Very comfortable. I also buy Kerrygold Butter – yummy!!!! I LOVE Costco as much as u do!!! I always enjoy ur channel.

sevend714 says:

Was looking for a new monitor too, probably going to go with the MSI for the higher refresh rate.

JezzLynn no particular niche says:

No Andy will claim that monitor 🤣🤣

Janelle McClure says:

those chicken patties are so nasty, noone in our family liked them!!

Miss bubby says:

Wish you 😄

Ramona Lisowski says:

Pegs going to win

Ramona Lisowski says:

Tony Tiger voice Thur Ravencroft I believe is the man's name. Did I win the curved TV? Lol……..

allthingsnet says:

The Grinch and Tony Tiger are the same voice-Boris Karloff. What years did u liive in Battle Creek Steve and Peg? Would love for you to make a video from the Breakfast Table!

Nancy W says:

You can put a tracker on your air pods on your phone

tulsatosca says:

The Grench that stole Christmas. I don’t remember the name of the actor.

Norma Andrews says:

Peg for the Win !

Patricia Corpe says:

when it comes to your wife like most hubby your can not please her. lol

Rachel Lehmann says:

Quick question do you have personal Facebook pages and personal Instagram pages just curious

Brenda Dunston says:

Tony The Tiger!!!!

Linda Kluth says:

My dad took us to battle creek Kellogg factory.We were so excited. Got free cereal. As I remember it was the expensive little boxes my mother didn't buy. I was so excited. Fun of being a kid.

Tameka Davis says:

Good Morning family and Happy and Happy Saturday here watching and I am new to your channel 🖐🖐🖐

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