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What to Expect at WWDC 2020: New iMac, iOS 14, macOS 10.16, & More

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Apple’s 31st annual Worldwide Developers Conference will be unlike any WWDC before, because it’s the first WWDC event that’s going to be held in a digital-only capacity. That means it’s free for all developers, but we’re in uncharted territory when it comes to format.

Apple plans to hold a virtual keynote, which is set to take place on Monday, June 22. Though there’s no physical event this year, Apple still has big plans for WWDC. Along with the usual software updates, rumors suggest Apple could unveil a redesigned iMac and give us our first glimpse at the custom-designed Arm-based chips it will use for future Macs.

read more – https://www.macrumors.com/guide/wwdc-2020-what-to-expect/


Kumar Deepam says:

I was really hopeful for a new Mac 🙁

Srikanth Oluguthula says:

Air tag for spying, tracking, stalking…. So everyone become real-life James bond assistant..

oofingberg says:

This speculative imac design looks so bad im glad they didn't unveal it

Sunny Dhanwani says:

Well few updates were damn close <3

Rose 22 says:

Kinda excited for the new ipad

AfriCocoa Lux says:

I wish we got delayed text messages, or scheduled text messages

JACK G says:

I really hope they will allow third party default apps – like I paid a grand for this phone sis let me choose which music app I want thanks! :'D

Bear says:

I want Always On Display please


what about ipad pro update with 5g and lidar ????
pls reply

Chet Weeds says:

Make sure you turn off BULLSHIT COVID tracking


I gave up waiting for a new iMac in 2015. Or an iPad with trackpad support. Or a reasonably priced 15 inch for non-Pros. Or an Apple TV remote with a mute button. To my knowledge only one of these things came about. I switched to Windows and Android. Because I hate waiting. I bet you do too… but it hasn't HIT you yet.

George S says:

I’m really hoping for at least an app drawer. I have so many apps that I don’t use super often, but still need.

George S says:

I honestly think that the iMac renders look way too thin.

Sebastian Szefer says:

Or maybe it will be horizontal scrolling list of widgets for each app in iOS14

László Csákó says:

In the first place they MUST fix macOS.. Catalina is beyond usability (in the bad term of the word). Errors, crashes, bugs everywhere. Its full of junk

Ded Ede says:

Mac mini with new ARM chips 🙏👍

Alan Hughes says:

if the 12.9" iPad weighs 1.5 lbs, imagine a 26" ARM iMac that weighs 3 lbs #bruh

Eesa adil says:

100th comment

Manish Choudhary says:

What about ipad air 4

100 subs with no content challenge says:

I am so excited for ios 14 anyone else

Powering Toxicity says:

I’m on acid rn help

Simon Tang says:

I have got a gut feeling that Apple could discontinue the iMac/iMac Pro but I could be wrong. This is what they did to the iPod. The Mac Mini could be the desktop Mac instead.

Laura says:

I’m really hoping for a newer MacBook Pro bc I need one for the AP and dual credit courses I’m taking this year, but if there isn’t any new ones I’ll just settle for the most recent one lol

Diego Doroja says:

Sorry what did you mean by “allows its users to set third-party MALE browser and music apps”

Back Online says:

When does the Apple back to school sale finish??

David Hood says:

Woah. This is incredibly optimistic. Don't get your hopes this high.

SuperMSMedia says:

Thanks for what to expect at WWDC next week

Volts PC says:

You didn’t mention new HomePod rumors

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