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What Is Randonautica? | Teens Find Body In Suitcase | Paranormal Encounters| Terrifying TikTok Trend

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What Is This Trending app Randonautica? There seems to be a lot of mystery about this app so lets dive into it. If your not already subscribe to the channel and ring that bell, if you enjoyed this video make sure to hit that like button.

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DragonWolf5589 says:

18 times.. I'm yet to get ANY locations. Doesn't work at all.

Joey Cappella says:

Ok the first video was awesome but this new app what u think 💭 about if I wanna try it Tyler glad I ran into your channel good luck 🍀👍🏼

Joey Cappella says:

Hey Tyler this is your tic tok follower and your new subscriber gonna watch your videos to catch up I’ll give you an update on what I think but Tyler I gotta say you got me good luck on all your endeavors while I smash the like button and share videos keep up the great work

River says:

I headed about this on tic tok

Police Deescalation Task Force says:

Honestly I played today. My intent was money and it brought me to a house. I did feel really weird and left but I didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

Deluxe Raptor2 says:

So the app kinda goes off of what your thinking then creates situations based off of your thoughts

SCXIIZ says:

I will never download that app never in my life

Kassie Duty says:

I love how you place the ideal character's to their placement and I describe how they are.

Fate Decided says:

Leave A Comment And Let Me Know What You Believe? Is It Explainable? Just Coincidence? Or Truly Supernatural? If You Haven't Yet Be Sure To Like The Video And Subscribe To The Channel

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