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What Guys Like That Girls Wear On A First Date!

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Aarya Mane says:

Tomorrow I am going on date…so nervous

Aarya Mane says:

Tomorrow I am going on date…so nervous

Kimberly says:

I couldn't be basic if I tried though..

Béchir Cy says:

Why am i even here ? Im not going on a date , and im a BOY .

Frenchick says:

Eye-liner wing is off…😂😂😂

iluvmusic says:

This is very useful

jessica renee says:

“guys are like bulls, wear something red” 😂

I love kpop says:

I wore sweatpants with a sweatshirt. Relationship still going strong

Sienna s says:

😅😅😅expose one thing at a time. Men are so funny

Janice Caden says:

I went on a date in paris with a mysterious french guy, and he wore a black fedora, with a dark denim black shirt with rolled up sleeves. He was sooo hot, and it remains to be one of my best dates ever. Loved the way he looked up and me from that fedora. hahahahaha so guys wear a fedora especially if you are hot exotic Jazz Musician.

big blob tehe says:

Im going on my first ever date in 2 weeks so thank u

It’s Ya Gurl Anya says:

Things girls don’t like being called. 1.Sexy😒 2.Hot🥱 3.Basic🙄

Carmen Puch says:

So dose red lipstick 💄 count?

Maartje Goede says:

Men probably just something sexy…

Lupita Romero says:

Ir he doesent like you for who you are then you are not ment to be jfhfjfjf

Lucy A. says:

what if red doesn't suit you?

Hannah Fey says:

Is that slow magic on the outtro….??

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