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What Do Actors Do for Smoking Roles? : Theatre 101

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You may encounter a role that calls for smoking during your time as an actor. Learn what actors do for smoking roles with help from a professional actress and performer in this free video clip.

Expert: Kendall McGuire
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Series Description: Acting for the theatre requires a very specific skill set and oven requires you to know how to run many different aspects of a show. Get tips on the theater and learn a few new tricks with help from a professional actress and performer in this free video series.


May Soberano says:

paused the video once she said she's a "professional actress". with that kind of delivery, i don't believe she is.

Put Tank In A Mall says:

Actors should really stop promoting cigarrettes

melonbobful says:

All actors/actresses are already smokers.

John Mils says:

she is bat shit crazy

Claire Rogan says:

For those people giving hate to the video, it can be justified, but I personally like how simplistic it is and how it straightforward it was.

Gelatin Skeleton says:

She's smugglin' teeth…

Jimmy Emerald says:

They smoke. Duh.

the black cat says:

(Cough cough)Bonnie and Clyde

Christopher Bronson says:

an actor fake smoking isn't a real actor

Anthony G says:

that was the worst porn ive ever seen

bdf2718 says:

Fake smoking looks fake. Doesn't matter if it's a real cigarette or a lettuce cigarette, fake smoking looks fake because the actor doesn't inhale.

Yes, it's possible to fake smoking without inhaling yet still look almost real, but most fake smoking is nowhere near that good. And even then, close inspection reveals that it is fake.

There was a lot of outrage when Renée Zellweger was cast in Bridget Jones's Diary because she was an American faking a British accent (which she did far more convincingly than Dyke van Dickhead did). I was outraged because it was perfectly clear she didn't smoke and could not fake it convincingly. Smoking is an essential part of the character but they cast a non-smoker. Which ruined it for me, even more than having Hugh Grant starring in it and having Salman Rushdie make an appearance (either of which would make me give a film a very low rating).

The lesson must surely be, if you're a non-smoker then don't accept a smoking role. Don't believe it when people tell you that you can fake it convincingly without inhaling, because you can't. Really, you can't. You may be able to fake it well enough to convince yourself but you'll never be able to fake it well enough to convince a smoker unless you actually become a smoker.

hawadjie says:

Professional actress? lol

DoctorCheryl, Historian says:

not if they use electronic cigarettes or those ones made out of lettuce. I heard this question asked of an actor back in like 1979 Tiger Beat when I was about 14 and I'm pretty sure it was Jodie Foster who said that the industry provides lettuce cigarettes for a real look without the actor having to smoke if they didn't want to. That was far more informative than this nonsense.

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