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What Actors Actually Use When Taking Drugs In Movies

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Try to act surprised: Al Pacino didn’t really snort cocaine in Scarface. Just as shootouts in movies are all staged, the countless drugs consumed on-screen over the years aren’t real. Prop masters have come up with all kinds of crazy concoctions to make cinematic contraband look as close as possible to the real thing. We’re about to narc on all the fake drugs you see on the silver screen.

Oh, and just so we’re clear? Don’t take any drugs—authentic or otherwise…

Marijuana | 0:32
Cocaine | 1:26
Heroin | 2:23
Cigarettes | 2:57
Alcohol | 3:33
Meth | 4:07

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Wrel Rel says:

Weeds legal in Hollywood

Elian Flow says:

I mean they should use real weed cuz In some states it’s legal🤷🏻‍♂️ I mean the actors could get a license

Gamr says:

Ok, so for the syringe scene in saw II, they we actually fiber that would stick to the actors skin, to make it look like it was real.

ColorfulBoxOfCrayons says:

Jack Nicholson smoked real cannabis in Easy Rider

Bigpussyboi Dilly says:

don’t take drugs (except weed)

Lee Clark says:

Ever notice actors never really get to eat food in a movie? Every time they sit down to a meal, something happens.

C W says:

What about dipping/chewing tobacco?

Georgia Winnie says:

In MrRobot they used B12 vitamins for morphine 😂

Matt Fuller says:

Yea. Wizard Weed…. Rogan,Chappell,Hill,Franco etc etc etc Used A Prop, Just Before Actually Smoking 😉 lol

B right says:

Why don't they just use CBD weed.

Joe Murray says:

:22 sec into the video and you see GOOD BAD AND UGLY. My number one. It was Clint Eastwood (Blondie) giving a young soldier who was about to die his last smoke. Which was a cigar not a joint but the little cigars used in that movie were brought in by Eastwood. Same as the poncho. Just sharing.

C W says:

What about dip or chew?

Fizzy Pawz says:

This is you on Drugs: 👁💋👁

Toad In the pocket says:

Why use fake bud in a weed movie? What’s the point of watching the movie? If you’re going to smoke some bowls or joints and watch a movie you want to feel like the actors are at least doing the same. I understand that some actors may not want to smoke weed but for the ones that do they might as well smoke real weed. I don’t think I could ever watch Pineapple Express the same again knowing the actors used fake weed. It just seems pretty pointless to me.

Carl Lazarraga says:

You mean that's not real meth and heroin they're using? My whole world has just turned upside down. I've been decieved.

Saucy says:

"Don't take ANY drugs."

What fucking terrible advice.

Nina Kane says:

That rock candy is the only drug that was shown

Nina Kane says:

Weed ain’t a drug dumb bitch

rEAdyOrN says:

0:55 man he destroyed that joint… 🙁

runewhiz says:

That whisky bottle exploded way easier than a real one… I somehow doubt the chug was real either.

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