What 117 hours of Halo Infinite looks like

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Mint Blitz says:

If I didn't get that grapple slide through the window the gravity hammer would've been lost forever 😭

Properly Duct says:

Game looks so boring

Rackrunnah says:

117 hours? That’s it?

Zachariah Carr says:

Can only imagine what 343 hours would look like.


117 hours?!? I haven’t even gotten an invite yet.

Rich ! says:

You making this game look promising for me. Can't wait to dive back in this shiii!!!!

airlockengage says:

Spider-Spartan, Spider-Spartan
Does whatever a Spider-Spartan Does
Can he swing from a web?
Of fucking course he can what kind of stupid question is that
I mean honestly
Youtube has been nothing but grapple clips for weeks
Pay attention
Watch out, here comes the Spider-Spartan

Dean Waites says:

Big boy needs big weapons thats how you do it Sunnglasses !

CEE says:

Brain dead fanboys are back !!

As grown men child !!!

FaBombzz says:

Sheeeeesh controller or mouse and key?

Phoenix.vette says:

As dating apps continue to show me how uninteresting women are, I'm thinking of spending my cold winter months with the Spartans.

Matthew Downey-simpson says:

how do you even have 117 hours on halo infinite

AshyToFlashy says:

Definitely bots lol

mistadopeman says:

But, it’s bots.

Nintendo Fan says:

This looks like if Halo 5 went back to play the older titles and came back transformed

Tristan Thomas says:

The fuck did they do to the gravity hammer sound? I am appalled

Joaquin Stewart-LaGrave says:

I dont like how some people get early access and the rest of are just wait until launch and then get owned by people who have been grinding for 117 hours already

Samuel McQuillan says:

Get after it 🔥

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