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We got iOS 14 early! An actual hands-on with the Beta

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Apple announced iOS 14 at the WWDC keynote. We try out the developers’ beta to get a taste of what’s coming to our iPhones in the fall. We try out the new home screen features like the App Library and hidden app pages. We add widgets to the home screen, make widget stacks and test out the Smart Stack. We watch picture-in-picture video, check out the smaller phone call notifications and Siri’s new look.

This is a beta version of iOS 14. The final version won’t be out until this fall; however a public beta version will be available in July. Also, if you have a developer’s account, we’d recommend not downloading this onto your main phone.

For more check out our hands-on preview on CNET.

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Dr.Nikhil Aggarwal says:

Wonderful explanation…loved your video

nailz 82 says:

Can’t wait to go back to an iPhone now I switched to a note 10 plus from a iPhone X big mistake love my iPhone only has my Samsung for a couple months now I’m selling it

Kevin Davis says:

Great video, probably the best overview of iOS 14 that I've seen, thank you. 👍🏻

Rad Derry says:

You have to be a very special kind of stupid to buy Apple products, they are rotten to the core.

John LaCombe says:

Needs the option to use 3rd party map/mail as default as well texting from web

Bassknots says:

Who else doesn’t like most of new iOS 14 😄

21st Century MadMad says:

Im using this on my main iPhone XR (it’s my only phone…i know it idiotic) and its been great so far in terms of stability but the limited widgets available app is starting to become boring

Ben Laine says:

Finally picture in picture and limiting calls to banners!

shawnpenn says:

Pip & widgets !

Nishant Soni says:

What an Android rip off. Haha

Kyle H says:

I guess people forgot Google copied a lot of iOS features with Android 11.

Bishwas Mishra says:


Alex says:

Can’t wait for iOS 14!

Jay Polo says:

Wow 2020 this what we get on iPhone still a blah as look I want split screen multitasking

Lokesh Kumar says:

Give us wallpaper link

MrNick98 says:

Apple really just be downloading Cydia and taking things they like

pantsuck11 says:

lol it will be fun to see windows and android sue apple.

Amine Williams says:

If I’m Android I’m encouraged because It looks like Apple is loosing innovation by copying

ADofCLE says:

Apple does a worse job, than Google when it comes to tweaking the features they take from Android. Grouped notifications on iOS is a joke. App Library is just not great. It gets rid of some of the unnecessary clutter, but it could still use a lot of work.

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