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Way of the Nether – Official Trailer

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A dimensional rift has appeared overnight in Poppy Isle and the mayor has gone missing! It’s up to you to venture into the Nether and figure out what happened.

– Discover all the additional Nether biomes
– Study the latest Nether mobs and learn which are dangerous and which are useful
– Mine and craft using the latest mineral, Netherite
– Research the Nether and save the mayor!

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Razzleberries says:

=== For iOS users === If you are having issues downloading the Way of the Nether, you will need to ensure that you have the 1.16 version of Minecraft, this should be automatically installed soon.

The Destroyers says:

Bedrock edition is now a brand. Microsoft is doing whatever they can to get people to switch to bedrock.

Minecraft Experiments says:

epic mc video

Markus Xd says:

Alguien quiere jugar conmigo diga su gamertag

Valentino Picotti says:

Por favor mapa gratis ,en el marketplace son unos chorros

Arcelia Perez says:

More way of

Cauã Víctor says:

can this be played with more than one player?


the way of the new bess in the nether

Karandeep Singh HEER says:

My minecraft on the Nintendo switch i have new nathr

Eden Maddocks says:

I just played this map it's the first survival map I've ever done. Good job Razzleberries

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