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Water Bottle Flip Trick Shots 2 | Unpredictable

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Hope you like the video, some of the bottle flips in were very hard!


that's Awesome says:

you are way better than that's amazing i don't like that's amazing 🙁

MJF says:

Unpredictable….the kid who always says yes

Leah C says:

My favorite reaction was the cap on cap

Leah C says:

I love the reactions

TS Marky says:

Only words he says “OMG” and “YES”


I all of this video is easy I can make cap by cap 2 in row

ALL IN ONE says:

Some are really fantastic and please comment on my videos…

TeraFNM says:

Who sees the only thing this guy says is yes yes yes YEEEEEEEEES!

DV_films says:

Did you use the app splice

Sladjana Trifkovic says:

you made water bottle trick shots 2 twice

L E M O N S Q U A R E S says:

you're actually very predictable

Crxzeii says:

These are insane go VIDEO bro

It's Incredible says:

the only words that you say in this video are "yes, boom and omg."

Emaan says:

Nice job I love ur vids

RawR - Alis/Gota says:

Awesome videos! U did some cool FULL flips

Connor Games123 says:

At 0:40 he is potent the middle finger

UG Gunner says:

You repeated a lot from your last bottle flip vid.

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