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watchOS 7 announcement in 7 minutes

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At WWDC 2020 Apple unveiled the newest watchOS features that are coming to the Apple Watch, and there are some major changes in store for Apple’s ubiquitous wearable.

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ItsmeSmile says:

and still some people will say the redmi mi band is better

Luca says:

Someone Can Tell Me How To Have This Watch Face 0:40 I Have WatchOS 7 Beta And Nike Run Club Show Me Only One Complication. Thx For Help.

Ryan says:

No more 3D force touch

Liora s says:

But ive already had dance on my apple watch

Connor Rohlf says:

What category does the chicken dance fall under?

Jordan Tyrrell says:

Hopefully we can get Wind Down on the IPad

Hamza Hkab says:

The best thing they did is adding «just long press » instead of force touch

Peijun Wu says:

Many amazing yet mostly useless features.


The woman with the nose ring I mean why 🤔 earrings are fine but nose rings make you look like cattle imo 🤮👎🏻.

Cali Boricua says:

These updates for the watch are so weak. I was expecting something much better. The Samsung Watch got an update that can detect your oxygen levels and blood pressure.

Juan Diego Pérez Álvarez says:

Ponen de todo pero bloquean la mayoría de app a nivel mundial engañando la gente

Joe Saunders says:

My Apple Watch broke r they coming out with a brand new Apple watch or no because I got a not so good one right now I’m waiting for the new Apple Watch to come out can anyone help me

A. Mancini says:

I also hope in a better system to read what you are doing. Several times, while I was watching a movie on my armchair, Apple Watch says I was doing good exercise just because I was eating chips… lol

Hans- Jürgen Wiegand says:

No captions, I expected more from Apple!🤬

Mighty Murph says:

Damn, looks like im rockin my series 4 for a whole nother year

Adrian Chmielewski says:

Will the series 3 be included in this update?

Mixeddrinks says:

that dance was just odd… can we add our own lame dance? Making pizza dance for example

Jyem V18 says:

So siri will understand everything even when I switch from a language to another without changing it manually in the settings?

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