VOCAL COACH Justin Reacts to BTS – Stay Gold Performance at CDTV Live!

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ZAINAB FAYSAL Gulshan-e-Iqbal Campus says:

Jimin nd jk

Julie. says:

Okay Justin you made me like this song…I honestly usually just skip it that was not very good of me as a fan shame shame shame…

Tired says:

I really love your reactions because you always praise all members and appreciate them.

Colorado Capri says:

Jin jungkook and jimin

International_playboy_fangirl💜 says:

6:28 the harmony on the high tone I think was jk or v

Jin Moon says:

Japanese songs without Jin is a No. He is the highlight of japanese songs and not only japanese but every song!!

rubiks-a-doodle says:

omg hello u are a bean wahh you're so smiley-

Drishti Gupta says:

all high notes wr from JIMIN !!!!!! what has happened to you justin ? u are not being able to recognise Jimin? he pulled it perfectly,

Park Jimin says:

6:35 I think Jimin

Peter Moduthagam says:

React for forever young

prarthana david says:

Bts is the best singer and dancer and there voice omg i love there voice and dance there song and dance so good and best from other singer and dancer 😀😁😍

Chim Chim says:

high pitch voice,
very good

only difference in
Jimin's high tone is smoother and softer
like female voice character



Simesihle Ntshangase says:

Justin is always reacting to Bts😄 he's a big fan 🥺❤

Asi Asi says:

When u praise jin im a jin stan feeling very proud😍

Reime iloveme says:

Jin jin jin….my fav voice 😭😭💜💜💜

Marjorielana Mendozante says:

Oh my jin you always impressed me of your silver voice😊😍

Bator Niang says:

It’s beautiful love you JIMIN 💜💜💜💜

Holy Words says:

Jin always get less lines but he nailed it

carla g. says:

Thats the magic of BTS. As soon as you listen to their songs , they start to get stuck in your head and you learn to love it…

Amy Callahan 62 (STUDENT) says:

Justin it was jimin who it that high note!!!

Freesia says:

Jungkook as always is flawless but I was surprised by Jin. At first, I thought it was JK's voice. Good job Jin.

Claire Hillburg says:

The first high note was jimin

Kevin says:

(˘̩̩̩ε˘̩ƪ)( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Vijaya Kumar says:

Jk 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

☁Roselynn Sky ☁ says:

6:20 Jimin ang jungkook hit that high note

Wagoo says:

Dreadful shite, try Mari Hamada Stay Gold for a real vocal performance!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiiUKlu-7U0

purple jbae says:

Pls do reaction also on Fake love and Jamais vu. And other bts japanese songs like Dont leave me, Let go and Love maze.

Sanjana Mariya Sanjay ⟬⟭ ⟭⟬ 7 says:

Jimin took the high note there…

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