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UX Designer Recaps Apple WWDC 2020 IN 5 MINUTES

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Today Apple held their annual Worldwide Developer Conference! In this video I give a 5 minute recap of the most important new hardware and software updates, including the new iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and macOS Big Sur!

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Aryan S says:

Andrea I think when you have free times can you make a course on adobe xd or how you make icons

Aryan S says:

andrea can you please tell me from where you got the pictures and boxes that you use on behance and if the place that you get it from is payed can you please give me a recommendation for a free one

Elizabeth Williamson says:

This is an awesome recap!

Monica's Design Process says:

I'm glad about the mini notification for phone calls, I always hated how it interrupted my screen. The picture and picture thing is cool but my guess is it won't work with YouTube since isn't that a premium feature? The car thing is also really cool, wish it could work with older models πŸ˜•

Steve Eppy says:

Another great video – as always! 😊

Lucas Rivas says:

Thank you Andrea! I’m excited that iOS 14 will be available for mi iPhone 6s πŸ₯΄βš°οΈ

Andrew Dotson says:

I wish apple had these features years ago, I switched to Android because I got frustrated with apple taking forever to do stuff like this lol glad to see they finally added it though.

Matthew says:

Andrea not only teaches design, but she saves us time πŸ™‚

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