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Unreleased iOS 14 Features! Clock Widget & More

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Apple packed a ton in the initial release of iOS 14…but there’s still a lot more to come. Apple already confirmed features arriving in a potential 14.1/2 update!

iOS 14 review: https://youtu.be/JUsK6SEL2m8
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iupdate says:

That clock widget looks sick! ⏰

Advanced-alpha_9 says:

I’m your 100k viewer your welcome

Ghost The Sinner says:

That stupid clock widget can’t even show the right time!

Ruperto Grospe Jr says:

Why the time is not real time? When I do not use my iphone for a very long time, the time in clock widget is not the same on the real time? Anyone how to fix this? Please don’t say I have to choose my location city, because I already did that many times


Love ❤️ you to help me!!! Settings iOS 14 Software updates developer Download App

U.S.A. says:

Do you know how to change the single (time widget) off of Cupertino ?

Aidan Patel says:

Wtf is wrong with the damn weather widget it’s broken

Jonathan Sanchez says:

How to you add the weather widget?

Gurnoor Bains says:

how u get a clock widget cause mines not showing

सागर श्रेष्ठ says:

Now you feels like the all the time your clock was too small to see. After you found out this was needed to happen from the start. These people !!

David Empire says:

What about setting default apps?

Jay Bonart says:

Waste of time video

Yasser says:

How to active clock widget

Quintus Horatius Flaccus says:

Are there any changes to Apple Books?

Munro McLaren says:

I don’t like the new calendar update. I want the days to be spelled out.

Munro McLaren says:

In the public beta, I can’t add more then the weather app, reminders, messages and one other thing to smart stack. It’s annoying.

Rogério R says:

have they done that before? backhandedly teased and then release big features on later betas/GM?

Hunter Holmes says:

The calendar icon change came out in beta 2

Vapor Archive says:

What about the tv app widget?

spoder men says:

I cant believe you are going crazy over this „huuge“ wallpaper section revamp. Like really?

Luka Cvetkovic says:

When coming out IOS 14??? By the way, i can’t wait..

Roberto M Nieves says:

iOS 14 has lots of problems with some apps. Some app freeze-up and are unresponsive for example Viber app and other messenger apps.

Luis Borges says:

Anyone noticed that the Favorites widget is missing?

Tim appIe says:

I want the finy my friends widget back. it was removed in ios 13

Ryan Blake says:

Yes thank god a clock widget. But i really want to see a compass widget lol.

Farmer Boi says:

I really want a home app / HomeKit device widget so I don’t need to go to the control center or even into the app!!!!! B

Arez Garcia says:

Can’t get my clock widget on ios14

Stelios Kapet says:

Needs more support for busses and trains on their maps just like google maps. It’s a pity I can’t use at all Apple Maps in Europe

Cody GV says:

What. AAPL 309. Now is 380. 20%gain

Abdelwaheb Hajjem says:

How to get clock widget ?

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