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Underground (Lindsey Stirling Cover)

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Heyoo there my fam and supporters. So sorry it took some time for me to make a new cover. But there it is anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Like it, share it if you want to 😉

To those still watching and waiting for my videos, I’d like to thank all of your support, I love you all from the bottom of my heart. I read each comment and I can say that I am very touched and grateful for the feedback I receive.

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Juan ma Paxi says:

AMAZING COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne Dewi says:

that is just FANTASTIC!!!!!

Music Lover says:

I love it ❤️❤️

Cosmo says:

Awesome backtrack dude, and pretty good playing. After I heard the little monologue about light and darkness, I saw that you were wearing a black and white t-shirt and I was like: MIND BLOWN!!!!

David Son says:

did you change the color of the shirts or am i crazy? hahahsha

David Son says:

OMG that's perfect!!! Impressive! I really loved it.🤩🤩

Millena Olliver says:

ficou mto bom❤

John Young says:

my name is lulu and if you would like me to dance like my favert picky pance lindsy, i would

John Young says:

amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your artists of unmeasurable talent

FloralCaribou 11 says:

Wow I love the back and forth playing amongst yourselves ha. Also the epic Lindsey quote in the middle! Awesome job yet again

Carl Anthony Carido says:

Another Genius work have been born. Nice one wes

Jonathan West says:

Where did you get the backtrack???

Muy Muy says:

Legit my favorite cover 👌

Simply Ella says:

Wow this is beautiful you are so talented!

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