Triple FNAF Book Theories | Return to the Pit FNAF Game Theory Reaction

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Hey Guys so this is my reaction to Game Theory: FNAF, Return To The Pit (3 New FNAF Theories) by The Game Theorists. I hope you all enjoy the video guys and let me know what I should react to or play next.




INDRE , says:

fun fact [probbaly not fun]: scott left the fnaf

vargen1414 says:

If real life me traveled into the FNAF workd and became a animatronic i would do this potentialy

1, Capture Michael
2, Use him to find Enard
3, Ally with Enard
4, Find Afton
5, Make sure he gets his way
6, Join his Cult
7, Profit!

Dr. Gamecube says:

Fun fact: in What We Found, Hudson literally wets himself

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