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Top iOS 14 Features! What's New Review

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iOS 14 Beta 1 Is Incredible! Apple finally added Widgets, Picture in Picture, App Drawer, Smaller Siri, Small Call Interface, Default Browsers & So Much More! The BEST iOS 14 features to get excited about.

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Ty England says:

Okay, I found 2 game changing features no one is talking about. Face ID opens without you swiping up (Kinda) and Apple, finally enabled auto texting (also kinda.

In iOS 14 their is a back tap option. If go into the settings, accessibility, touch, then at the very bottle hit back tip. In the selection you can make it either 2 or 3 taps. Make your selection 2 or 3 the home button. Now when you unlock you device with Face ID, you can read your messages, then tap the back and your phone will unlock.

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I will have the guide for auto texting there.

Kayy says:

How long has he been a Russian😂😂🤔

Brendan LE says:

Days of requesting iOS 13.5.1 vs iOS 14 Speed Test:
Day 6 of requesting was June 29
Day 4 of requesting was June 27

Jason Misael says:

Looks like the quarantine got the developers working harder

ShamPayne Hossayne says:

They bojacked the CRAP out of just about every last android feature! They really started running out of ideas, guys xD. Psst! They still don't got split screen tho

DaShon Hall says:

If you guys haven’t bought one of his cases I highly recommend them. I ordered the rebel frost and this case has to be one of the most comfortable cases I’ve ever used. Definitely did a great job designing this series. I can’t wait for the new iPhone 12 Pro Max to come out so I can order a rebel frost for it as well.

edras vazquez says:

The Double tap feature really just rocked my world.

Wyze Vuta says:

Welcome To Widgets iPhone, see what your response to this is as well as a app draw?

SpiderDoge77 says:

yet were still on ios 13.5.1, how do you have it

Brendan LE says:

Day 7 of requesting iOS 13.5.1 vs iOS 14 Speed Test – Try adding a replay at the end of your video

darthvader carr says:

Phone rebel is awesome just got mine

Chris Konstantatos says:

His swiping makes me anxious

General Raven0 says:

Is it safe to get the new IOS yet

Agustina Avalos says:

How do you get this update???

isaiah says:

Anyone else having problems with their AirPods reconnecting and disconnecting

Emily Schuh says:

when does the full official version comeout

khalida nawaz says:

this was the phone i was waiting for, but i still am on iphone 4s

William Reid says:

I’m just hoping that they’ll (or Google will) finally add a way to add Picture in Picture for the YouTube app

Calvin hhh says:

when does the beta release for public?

Talmon Murphy, Jr. - Digital Archaeology says:

I hope Apple moves the last screen App Library on iPhone to Spotlight so that you can pull down from any screen and either search, see Siri recommendations AND see App Library below that! Now THAT would be SWEET! 👍😊👍😊❤️❤️❤️

vikrant deshmukh says:

Bugs I found so far in developer beta ios 14
1. Storage bug (increased space consumed by system by about 10-12 gb)
2. Battery drain (Screen on time of around 5-6 hrs compared to 7-8 hrs in ios 13)
3. Unpolished widgets, sometimes blank widgets
4. wifi issues (solved by manual DNS)
5. Keyboard/settings touch lag (minute millisecond lag sometimes while typing)

Arish Singh says:

Very much surprise by the fact that it's being a week since launch of iOS 14. But you didn't uploaded iOS 14 beta 1 100+ feature video. Very much surprised. I hope you would upload such video ASAP

syed ahsaan says:

still waiting for suggestions in dialpad, why don't they do that

Danniii _. says:

How do you get IOS 14 tho? 👁👄👁

Alex Shrestha says:

This update is the reason is going to be the reason im changing from Samsung

Luca Cardoso says:

Samsung Have already Widgets a alot time Apple just Find This Solution on Samsung Center

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