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Top Famous Celebrities Who Smoke In Real Life | Famous Celebrity Bad Habits | AllinAll

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Top Famous Celebrities Who Smoke In Real Life | Famous People Who Smoke Cigarettes

Some celebrities try to keep their habits on the down-low, while others—to quote Kate Winslet—”don’t give a f*ck.” Did you know these celebs were smokers?

1. Johnny Depp
2. Lana Del Rey
3. Ashton Kutcher
4. Mila Kunis
5. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
6. Robert Pattinson
7. Katy Perry
8. Daniel Radcliffe
9. Kate Winslet
10. Leonardo DiCaprio
11. Adele
12. Zayn Malik
13. Barack Obama
14. Cameron Diaz
15. Katherine Heigl
16. Simon Cowell
17. Miley Cyrus
18. Rihanna
19. Elijah Wood
20. Jennifer Aniston
21. Chris Brown
22. Britney Spears


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IamO’byrne 8 says:

Where’s posty

Kendrick Arias says:

Fake fake fake

jenn jeffs says:

Barack Obamas is just hos breath… Unless I see an ACTUAL cigarette I'm, not believing.

Dolan Dank memes says:

I can smell the lung cancer

Aleah Guerra says:

Ashton Kutcher has the same birthday as me I-

Bart Simpson says:

Naomi Chambel she is the Smokers Queen…😷

Sunny Side Up Gacha says:

so you added Zayn and Simon but not Louis? pfft.

Jim Davis says:

Damn olsen twins, I can't help but think of Heath ledger dying from what they gave him.

Fer Velazquez says:

Britney and jen gave up smoking

Moonbeam Reacts says:

Where's lady gaga are u kidding me

harri says:

funny how everyone can't seem to notice, that photo of Daniel Radcliff was like a theater production, I mean look at the lighting background etc.

Anne Joseph says:

why Obama was a good guy .

Hasty One says:

What about Sean Penn? He smokes four packs a day!

bakelove00 bakelove says:

The only one from this video that I know before that she smoke was Britney Spears

bakelove00 bakelove says:

i don't know that Barack Obama smokes🤷‍♀️

Neo Tesla says:

I didn't know Jennifer anniston was a smoker

Cyba says:


MatyMan 1255 says:

Zayn please stop smoking 😟

Chaoschnitzel 1337 says:

Perfekt edited!

Leah Frost says:

Simon whatt

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