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Top 50 Strongest Avatar The Last Airbender & Legend of Korra Characters 安昂 柯拉 [Series Finale]

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Thumbnail Art: http://qinni.deviantart.com/art/The-Avatars-443390157
Tied 1. The Avatar Incarnations: Avatar Korra
-Avatar Aang
-Avatar Roku
-Avatar Kyoshi
-Avatar Kuruk
-Avatar Yangchen
-Avatar Wan
2. The Dark Avatar Unalaq
(Waterbending Master, Gigantic Form, Spirit energy beam)
Tied 3. Raava
(Spirit energy beam)
Tied 3. Vaatu
(Spirit energy beam)
4. Amon / Noatak
(Waterbending & Bloodbending Master, Chi blocking)
5. Yakone
(Waterbending & Bloodbending Master)
6. Tarrlok
(Waterbending & Bloodbending Master)
7. Iroh
(Firebending Master, Lightning generation, Lightning redirection)
8. Phoenix King Ozai
(Firebending Master, Lightning generation)
9. Fire Lord Sozin
(Firebending Master)
10. Tenzin
(Airbending Master)
11. Zaheer
(Guru Laghima Airbending & The Void)
12. Fire Lord Zuko
(Dancing Dragon Firebending, Lightning redirection)
13. Princess Azula
(Firebending Master, Lightning generation)
14. Toph Beifong
(Earthbending Master, Seismic sense, Metalbending Master)
15. “King” Bumi
(Earthbending Master)
16. P’Li
(Combustion Master)
17. Combustion Man
(Combustion bending)
18. Ghazan
(Earthbending & Lavabending Master)
19. “Great Uniter” Kuvira
(Earthbending Master, Metalbending Master)
20. Katara
(Waterbending Master, needs full moon to BLOOD BEND!)
21. General Iroh
(Firebending Master, Lightningbending)
22. Mako
(Pro Firebending, Lightning generation)
23. Bolin
(Pro Earthbending, Lavabending)
24. Ming-Hua
(Waterbending Master)
Tied 25. Pakku
(Waterbending Master)
Tied 25. Jeong Jeong
(Firebending Master)
26. Chief Tonraq
(Waterbending Master)
27. Lin Beifong
(Earthbending Master, Seismic sense, Metalbending)
28. Suyin Beifong
(Earthbending Master, Seismic sense, Metalbending)
29. Kya
(Waterbending Master)
30. Hama
(Waterbending Master, needs full moon to BLOOD BEND!)
31. Huu
(Plantbending Master)
32. Chiefs Desna and Eska
(Waterbending Masters)
33. Zhao
(Firebending Master)
34. Piandao
35. Ty Lee
(Chi blocking)
36. Long Feng
37. Jet
38. Equalist Lieutenant
39. Jinora
(Airbending Master)
40. Kai
41. Opal
42. Xin Fu
43. Mai
44. Suki
45. Sokka
46. Master Yu
47. Asami Sato
48. Colonel Mongke
49. Haru
50. June The Bounty Hunter

~Honorable Mention~
“Lightning Bolt” Zolt
Old Iron

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Avatar: The Legend Of Korra
TLA Book One: Water
TLA Book Two: Earth
TLA Book Three: Fire
TLOK Book One: Air
TLOK Book Two: Spirits
TLOK Book Three: Change
TLOK Book Four: Balance
The Promise
The Search
The Rift

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xXSonTjXx says:

If you haven't watched Korra and you only like the last airbender or vise versa – This video isn't for you
If you believe the title means "Top 50 Strongest Avatars" and you didn't read "Characters" – This video isn't for you
If you believe Toph and Katara are Top 3 or 10 – This video isn't for you
If you think "Tied 1" means I'm ranking everyone listed from weakest to strongest in that spot – This video isn't for you
If you can't explain your opinion but instead insult – This video isn't for you and you will be blocked
Please enjoy the video and if you disagree with the list please explain 🙂

Also! KATARA CAN'T BLOOD BEND WITHOUT THE FULL MOON! This was said in the last airbender & korra! Don't spread misinformation!

TNT says:

Suki higher than sokka…

Amon says:

5:11 HAHAH now give me like or I will take your bending…

Low Gamers says:

Azula beaten zuko


Sue is actually better that Lin. She proved that with their battle.


Really? Jet higher than Jinora?

Tamatoeketchup says:

I dissagree with this so much. You put tarlock higher up then firelord ozai. And theres way more stuff. You put ty lee higher up then suki but in the boiling rock they are evenly matched. And in the comics ty lee teaches the Kyoshi warriors Chi blocking so ty lee should be tied with suki. And there is so much more
But its your opinion. And I cant change it

Annisa danu Purwanti says:

0. avatar genji

X Æ A-12 says:

Everyone here arguing about who stronger and stuff but where is monk Gyatso?

Zuko ButRetarded says:

Sources for your 3:20 background music ?

Fyona Playsroblox says:

Korra is not POWERFULL!!!!!!!!

Jyxos says:

I love how Roku was one of the only more known avatars that didn’t have a team avatar but succeeded his journey in mastery of the four elements and the avatar state

Vianney Piedrahita says:

I disagree I feel aang is number one because after korra lost her connection to her past life her avatar state got weeker and when aang is a grown up he is 100 percent stronger then korra

Dr3axler353 says:

Princess Azula is way better than prince Zuko. Find something better than our Lord Ozai.

Logan Sawma says:

Toph beifong legend 😁

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