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Top 10 iOS 14 Hidden Features!

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Today we saw Apple release the first developer beta of iOS 14! This comes packed with many new features that we look at in this video! We look at some of the best hidden and unknown features.

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Kristin Bisbee says:

How so you get black folders?

Ruby V says:

Mine doesn’t have back tap and I have ios14

Renee Willis says:

@3:48 I had to make sure I thought someone was watching me 😭


My wheather widget disappeared

Jose Morales says:

I’m so
Happy I got it

kermitrehab says:

"next hour forecas" does not work here in EU

Kelvin Jimenez says:

How do you make chrome the default browser?????

Shanelle McKenzie says:

How do I make the app big

Backdoe Fn says:

Is the beta safe ?

sTrEAM sNiPer says:

Does it work for youtube like nextflix

Christavie says:

I don’t have the screenshot thing

Kazi Itquan Ahmed says:

those are hidden features indeed well done 👍


Cant find Back Tap in iPhone se 2020!?

Luke Webster says:

I don’t have the backtap

Lukas Bauer says:

I not have in touch

sadcowboytingz says:

how do i get the widgets?

Oni says:

I can't find the back touch option?

Brian M says:

Is double tap not on iPhone 8?

Maurice H says:

Wow . The air quality I can only see on my Apple Watch right now . Cool that it will be on the iPhone now .

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