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Tim Cook Unveils iOS 14 Updates to iPhone, Apple Watch at WWDC

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Apple on Monday provided a glimpse at upcoming software changes designed to make the iPhone even easier to use and announced underlying hardware changes to its line of Mac computers.

The preview of the next version of the iPhone’s operating system, known as iOS 14, highlighted Apple’s annual conference for computer programmers and mobile app makers. The event, which was delayed for three weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic, took place in virtual form via a webcast from the company’s Cupertino, California, headquarters.

In recognition of the pandemic, Apple’s upgraded software for the Apple Watch will detect when wearers wash their hands.

But most of the presentation revolved around an array of micro-sized features that, for instance, could help iPhone users manage their apps better, find new ones, and use their phones to unlock and start their cars remotely. (Though that last feature will initially only be available for a 2021 BMW model.)

The company gave no indication whether the pandemic-driven disruptions in work in the factories that make parts of the iPhone will delay the release of the next model. The company typically unveils its next iPhones just after Labor Day and then starts selling them in late September.

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tariq yosef says:

me see apple logo. Me pay

Free to be me says:

Most ridiculous thing I ever heard of.

daniel Aj says:

Lol he looks crazy … evil

cheec8548 says:

Please give us back the fingerprints unlock because we are all wearing masks and the Face ID is not helpful anymore.

Jim Air says:

Tim turned into an old lesbian woman

Václav Chachar says:

So the headline says ios14 iphone, apple watch and you start the video with telling about apple silicon for mac? How stupid can you get?

Ama Jenna says:

What should’ve been announced:
FACE ID with MASK 😷 on!!!!!

Jason Lui says:

Look um.. if you are not excited, let someone else talk about the product?

Pa P says:

How much will it be? Considering 45 million people are unemployed, I'm sure the price would be around 100 monthly payments of $20?

Crooked Star says:

damn, yall just created new tech!

Fed Sanchez says:

omg, what a copy of windows phone …

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