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TikTok Teens Find a Suitcase of HUMAN Remains Through Randonautica App

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A group of teens went out in hopes to find treasure through Randonautica, a popular app that helps explore cities, but instead came across a suitcase full of human remains.

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Judy Nooskey says:

The cops should use Randonatica

A M says:

This was debunked. Teens later admitted it was not a dead body in the brief case.

M R says:

Any updates on the identify or cause of the person inside that suitcase?

Little Spoon arts, crafts and more! says:

Him: who wouldn’t break down if you saw a dead body. Me: I have no heart

Slickey says:

When i just used the app i did scary and i live right beside a forest keep in mind im 12 and the forest we lives by we have found weird things including what we thought to be drugs if you want the report that the police sent to my mom via email ill try to find it but anyway that forest was quote and quote scary and all my friends made stories about it the randonoght was at the “scary forest” so i got 2 of my buddies and we went there and we found a hut made out of wood and mud we thought it was just a a 1 in a million chance but after like 10 minutes of running in and out of the forest everytime we heard a noise we went deeper and found more huts and bags backpacks all types of that stuff and the thing was we were all babys we realized we didnt wanna be there anymore and left but at that time over 6 card pulled up at the parking lot near the forest and we ran through the far path aka the long way home and by then we knew those guys were in the forest cause we saw them walk in but were long gone and since then we kinda forgot abt it but i kinda wanna do it again

Flamingo Plushie says:

One time this app set me to a massive swarm of bees

Ivy Nelson says:

Omg that’s so creepy……. I feel like I’m being watched

ツAlexa says:

Is the contents of the human body cut into pieces? and the smell of the carcass?

frosty mutt says:

It's sad but in that state it's more common than one would think my only thought is why the statement??? most body's are hidden these we're meant to be found.

Pink Panda says:


XxItsJessxX :3 says:

Meh: *shocked*………

The rest of the world: ……..I…….. ;-;

Mary Y says:

This reminds of the anime called when they cry

Josiah Martinez says:

why the hell dose this exist

Loveben Bates says:

i wonder if that was Ice man's doing a.k.a Richard kuklinski
the hit man that was executed march fifth 2006 wait no i take that back
i wonder who did it

Original Left.Right_Twix says:

If they said a black guy Is chillin by the beach. It wouldn't take 3hrs for them to show up

Brenduh C says:

Its almost as if Randonaut KNEW!! like the universe giving out "signs" or some shit

Letithappen Medina says:

Where did this happen?? Anybody know

TheBear says:

Elites kill things plant them and basically use this app to find dead bodies and missing children.

georgina cat says:

I hate the American " your girl" or " your boy"

Milla Moo Moo says:

i downloaded the app and it led me to a road walk with $50 on it :> its not all evil

Im gay since Im responding to your comment but , says:

“Randonautica: Go on random adventures!”

…brings me horrifying flashbacks of….

“Tide Pod Challenge”


“Blue Whale Challenge”

lily weber says:

I’m going randonauting tomorrow 😏

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