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TikTok teens discover dead bodies in suitcase on Seattle shore – TCDPOD Clip

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Two teens on TikTok discovered dead bodies stuffed in a suitcase in Seattle in June. Ana Garcia and Dr. Judy Ho break down the details of the mystery.

From Friday’s full podcast here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Z51scdT7Tk
‘Soldier Vanessa Guillen’s remains identified; TikTok users discover dead bodies – TCDPOD’

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WitchHazel3 says:

It was an app that led them to the location, it's not really tik tok's fault they chose to upload it. They removed it

Ellie Y says:

*update landlord killed them for not paying rent during a pandemic

this channel needs better investigation skills claiming
they were homeless ooops

Ellie Y says:

i saw the video-it was far from traumatizing. You couldn’t see dead bodies. geeze so dramatic

Xi says:

So turned out the landlord killed them over unpaid rent. In 2020 WHEN EVERYONE HAD ISSUES PAYING RENT DUE TO CARONAVIRUS. What a sick monster. Give him the chair.

Jackson Smith says:

Please don’t show the images of the TikTok the family don’t want it on the internet so the victim’s kids don’t see it

minzmiami says:

Please delete the video of the bag open the family have been trying to get all video of there loved ones taken down or of respect for there children

sara-jayne Davis says:

OMG how thin is Dr judy I hope she's okay

Muaj Xiong says:

Another one was found at Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, WA

A ѕυвтlє ιиfιиιту AshleyC. says:

What about the kids? She had 4 kids and she was only 36…

Pablitoo Diaz says:

Update an old man age 62 was arrested for murder of these 2 young people. Rip

Mikey Savage says:

Traumatized huh🤔 lol

my 2 cents is says:

Tik tok is for commies

Emily says:

Damn I saw this on my fyp and thought it was cap damn. I feel so bad for the victims and those kids

Erik Draven says:

Just found out the landlord killed them

ODST Buddy says:

Why did they open it, definitely a good idea.

Jessie Frye says:

Their landlord, has been arrested

Gale Miller says:

I thought this just happened and it was their landlord that killed them?🙏

badboybarber1 says:

TIk tok is a spying app for the Chinese, doesn’t that mean Facebook , snapchat, Instagram, google, and all the rest of them are spying apps for the Americans??? Let’s be real why does Facebook need access to you call history, location data and messages???

Brook Fields says:

It wasn't "human remains". You make it sound like bone fragments or something. It was a dead body. A DEAD BODY. Why can't you be direct? Two gushing air-heads bantering about the incident. I stopped listening half way through.

Grace Ketchem says:

But they have kids?

Dad Shoe says:

Why don’t they mention the guy?

pink rainbow kennelz says:

Who needs a crime psychic when you got Rando Nautica😮

Julian Garcia says:

Maybe they were killed by someone doing there first kill for gang initiation. Maybe she was shot so many times because she didn't die quick and he did. Or it was someone they knew

Truth At last says:

Federal way police had killed and dumped their bodies.

Kari Kysar says:

I think the reason there isn't that much information on the case, is because the cops don't have that much information. What information they do have they are afraid to release to public. They probably don't want to scare people. Especially if it is a potential serial killer. I really do believe this could be a serial killer at work. They were probably randomly picked up/lured somehow. Maybe met someone somewhere to buy something?Which is why there is no leads in the case. The person may really hate women which is why she was shot so many times. Or maybe she didn't die right away. I think the bodies may have been meant to be found, but there is a possibility they weren't meant to be found. Either way I really hope the cops can catch this sick person and put him behind bars.

cranke99 says:

That was funny when she almost caught herself in a lie saying the kids knew it was a dead body as soon as they opened the case. C'mon now. That's how the media does their job, fringe lying.

Melanie S says:

It's not random. It's obviously drugs.

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