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Throwback: Elon Musk With First 2008 Tesla Roadster – Jay Leno’s Garage

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We take a look into our archives at a younger Jay Leno and Elon Musk and see Jay’s first impressions of Tesla’s first production car! New episodes will be coming every week!
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Throwback: Elon Musk With First 2008 Tesla Roadster – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


Marius Bernotas says:

That was Awesome Jay. Thank you for sharing.

G. E. says:

Elon had more of an accent back then

GotTheItch says:

Who was running the camera? Muhammad Ali?

Steven Schoenecker says:

Love you vidios.

JimboRustles says:

3:22 Elon: "This car is 30% heavier than the Lotus Elise
3:32 Jay: "And how much heavier is it than a standard Elise?

Literally 10 seconds, learn to listen man

M Serf says:

So cool seeing this video footage of the early Tesla, Go Elon!

sandyt says:

It’s hard not to enjoy Jays style and demeanor. I hope he can do a review on the new roadster soon. Why wait until it’s in production. That’s got to be fun for him and for all of us who watch his great videos

Common Man says:

Yeah too bad you were sceptical. The joke is on you. I bet you sold your stock early.

Han Han says:

Elon made a lot of car since 2008, space gate entry too! Me have the same bicycle,the same honda motorbike and I'm happy 😉


didnt jay brake the transmission in this ar?

chomihai says:

bring back the old intro

Peter Peterson says:

Mr. Musk is a little apprehensive on AI I heard.

Matt G says:

now musk a bonafide veteran of the meme war of the 2010's

Pablo says:

Is it just me or does Elon musk have an accent?

Bandi Nhleko says:

Elons outfit😂💀🔥

LA Galaxy says:

Musk was just getting popular so he didnt have a p.r. firm dressing him like a "relatable" 15 year old yet, lmao.

mike matthews says:

Shirt and hair! Camera work has come a long way

Luis Santibanez says:

He never realized that he would become one of the richest man on earth.

Shashi Pancholi says:

Please upload the one with Henry Ford

M.A Aditya says:

8:34 😂😂😂😂

JasonRJ says:

Elon before he had hair transplants

Madlib Beats says:

Elon's got those Mars hair plugs that we don't even know about

Cameron says:

Hi Jay, would be great to get your take on how Telsa has progressed since the first version…

ottofreedom69 says:

where, how is the electricity produced

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