Mama India [Reloaded] is one of the best tunes, and if you don't know it yet, you soon will because this is yet another example of great house music.


This Is BY FAR The Most Brutal And Awesome Trail Moab Has To Offer!

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It’s the final days of the Easter Jeep Safari for the Fab Rat’s team. We got to go on Paul’s absolute favorite trail, but not without broken rigs along the way! Check it out!
Make sure to follow along with us as we build and fabricate cool stuff!!

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johnwolf1991 says:

Always nice to see Allen come join you all for some trail fun

robert boyd says:

Who is your drone pilot?

Jared Curry says:

Yo we dig the rock crawling stuff as well as the builds keep it up. Tip a hat for the new shop and your Pops old wrecker.

Apostolic Contender says:

Love the Grayden Cam sections! Great job
Grayden! The sound effects are great!!

MacAttack13 says:

Info on the RC chassis.
Also are u going to update us about Michelle's accident= are u keeping the sun for the parts (motor/trans/etc)
& what is she getting now?

Bushrat Beachbum says:

What's the truck at 21:00?

Tim Nace says:

Thanks for telling the toyota guy to put his arm in, contrary to popular belief he couldn't stop a rollover.

C Rod says:

So there I was watching this video if you guys in Moab and had to pause it for a second. When I went back to resume, I saw this ad above the next recommended video (MOOR). I don’t own a single Hawaiian shirt so it’s not me! Hahahaha


Mick Baker says:

Hi Paul you definitely give the fj a good workout at moab pulling the land cruiser back to the entrance she did well and is well built I'm sorry Michelle is still suffering from her accident wishing Michelle well very soon them seat belts are good at saving lives but my goodness they can also damage the body tack care ya'll,
Another great video thank you.

Rufe Vanderpool says:

I came onto your channel around 140K subscribers. It was really good. You need to think about a name change to justify the loss of subscribers. May I suggest Utah Rocks as “fabrication” seems to have just about gone. The ultimate was the Golden Nugget. Delivered it to Robbie and I think he may need to consider a name change as well. Maybe “Sand the Nugget” would be better. Yours, Matt’s and Robbie’s channel are losing their way and becoming almost as boring as watching a tomato ripen.

D Max says:

Great video. Amazing trail fix. I'm with you on the heights thing Michelle! Hope you feel better soon.

Frog says:

Man that dude in the Tacoma hates havin 2 arms! Glad someone tried to tell him to stay inside it, even if he didnt listen.

Greg Holmes says:

I’d like to see a video showing what all the sticks do and show how the locker is engaged. A short video would help us who don’t have a crawler

Matt S says:

Another awesome video! Michelle hope you the best!

John Hornback says:

Instead of having lawn care or hair care .. get people a discount on the BFG.. a 100 or 200 off a set of tires ..or even a gas card .. go after what people need right now .. not what you're trying to sell .. think like a peasant.. cause that's what we all are ..give something to the viewers that they need .. just a thought.. I'm just a no count peasant myself.. maybe a free hat or shirt's hard times for everyone all make money off these videos.. I could care less.. but you catch more love with honey .. not talking bad about you guys .. your awesome.. but think about the less .. just a thought.. like you all get bigger an forget the big picture..the little ones the less all could be raising money for the poor .. but let's face it's all about the money.. what do I know I'm a asshole lol ..

brian winters says:

When are going to put rear steer in the FJ ?

David Brooks says:

Hey! Who makes those cool Yankum Ropes, you used to pull that guy ALL over the trail?

David Brooks says:

When you gonna take the man you got the FJ out, and show off what you did to resurrect the FJ? Maybe he has another project.

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