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The Worst Sports Teams Names in History – EXPLAINED!

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Ninh explains The worst sports teams names in history. There are some sports teams that are named after ridiculous, non-sensical, non-threatening, or just borderline racist names. When your team is called the ‘Banana Slugs’ or the ‘Fighting Artichokes’, you know you’re going to be the prime target for abuse.

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Simon D. says:

Here are some of my favorite terrible sporting team names:

The Nippon Ham Fighters: Is named after a food processing company, so Ham does probably mean just that: Ham.

The Chennai Super Kings: What makes this name extra hilarious to me is that there is already a team called the Punjab Kings in the same League.
Honorable mentions go to the Lucknow super giants and the kolkatta Knight Riders.

The Manly Sea eagles: I'm just really dissapointed that their female division is not called womenly Sea eagles.

And Probably THE worst name of them all… The Ice hockey team of Bremerhaven, germany…
The Fischtown Pinguins: No, I did not misspell that. It's literally the german spelling for fish followed by the english word town. Both contracted into one word. Then it's the english plural for the antarctic flightless bird, but with an I instead of an E because in german penguin is spelled with an I.

Honorable mention goes to the american football team: the New Yorker Lions, based in Braunschweig, Germany

Joe Treml says:

The Guardians is easily the worst team name in sports history, and Commanders isn't far behind. I don't care what the history is behind Guardians, the name just sucks.

PolarJaden says:

Kid: “Mom, what’s that mascot?”
Mom: “That’s a uh, uh rocket ship!”

Abhishek Agarwal says:

'Mumbai Indians', 'Delhi Capitals' and 'Pune Warriors India' in the Indian Premier League, 'Minister Dhaka' in the Bangladesh Premier League, 'Manchester Originals' and 'Oval Invincibles' in the 'The Hundered' (the dumbest name for a tournament). Worst names in all of CRICKET.

Sophia Bahantka says:

Florida state seminals

Michelle Horton says:

2:36 why…….

Riley kazama says:

I have a another one the Modesto nuts

CRVENA ZVEZDA 1945 says:


Sweetness Jonesy says:

Funny but true fact since you brought up "Iowa Chops." There's a team called the Cedar Rapids Kernels, they're a minor league baseball team affiliated with the Twins. Naming the team after food I guess is a tradition.

djxeroic says:

there was a minor league baseball team from Ontario, Canada called the Rippers….as in Jack the Ripper

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