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THE TRUTH… My Crush Does My Makeup

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HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I wanted to finally clear the air. After my video with Jeff, we’ve gotten THOUSANDS of comments asking if we’re dating, so we decided to address it while Jeff glams me up. Jokes aside, this is one of my favorite and most REAL conversations I’ve ever had in a video. I hope you enjoy!

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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula


GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


Rajendran A says:

Number of times Jeff says joking around 99999blah blah blah

Mix Moon says:


RoberPCGaming- YT says:

Jeff: oh Yeah its gonna bee great!!
Entering the house.
Jeff:oh fu..!!

Isabel Daniel says:

Omg Jeff is so fit

jokers funhouse says:

4 subscribers and my life is looking up slightly
Jeff did good and u 2 are cute together

Amaryy The tiger says:

Sister he ain’t into you STOPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!

saba aghazade says:

my favorite video of james`s chanel so far

galexy 5678 says:

Jeff is wanting to experiment with James, dumb shit scientist

Lk Kokko says:

AAHAHAHAHA I SEARCHED “girl does plastic surgery for crush” AND SAW THIS WTH

mads hunter says:

omg literally in love with himm🥺

Emmy The Duck says:

I will forever and always ship James & his crushes

moutaz omer says:

You wana eat him by your eyes u r so in luv with him uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

3lixir Raps says:

I love how James went on this whole tirade about labels and says you should try new stuff just to date Jeff

But for real good message

emily hayes says:

lol why dose every body keep saying he is uncomfortable xD just his humor if he was uncomfortable he would not have came

Darryl Lynn says:

Jeff is sexy, I don’t blame James 😳😍

Ruby J says:

James: lets talk about the valentines text you sent me?
Jeff: that’s just me being friendly

James: heart been broke so many times👁💧👄💧👁

Mihaly Freeman says:

Dont forget about Mario now thats a hot dude!

Melanie Grob says:

You both have great spirit.

Paula Gacha says:

Me : s.h.-
You : dont u dare-
Me : -i.p:))
You : you litle-

JamesCharles notice me please says:

I ship them oohhurx tsirzoyxitxocurxoitoycitxoyx

JamesCharles notice me please says:

James is making me blush…lmaoXD


Omg 😱 she has a crash

Shannon Marczak says:

jeff: wonder what to do with makeup.
James: thinking about sex the whole time.
like if u agree lmao

Queen Tink says:

Ig he was never released Jeff since he said until 2million likes

Jamaree Kyles says:

17:12 naaa THAT WAS FUNNY ASF 😭 ik jeff was thinking it too

0Poppy_Computer0 says:

All the dislikes are from the insecure little girlies that want Jeff.

sophia tran says:

y'all are saying that Jeff is uncomfortable this is how he ACTS he's the awkward, hot, funny, nice friend.


I’m jk don’t haft to hate on meh

Willow Cooper says:

James is such an inspiring person. He doesn’t deserve the hate he gets. 48k thumbs down!! Ummmm not cool peeps. NOT COOL.

Catie Shippen says:

i actually love this entire video. it goes from flirting to real conversation and i love it

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