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The Only Twilight (Mashup) – Paramore & Lindsey Stirling

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Songs used:
Paramore – The Only Exception (acapella)
Lindsey Stirling – Between Twilight

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Rytyrクモ says:

Paramore got me 'bout 5 years ago, 'specially their last two albums. You have given this song a new life, a new taste. I think mashups will soon (or they ought to) have their own radio stations. We all breathe the common air; makes sense to intertwine, to raddle our expressions.
Anyhow, good stuff, man, keep it up. The vocals and instrumentals here are like . . . well, not unlike the album image. The original song was a caterpillar—now, it's got wings.

Earthgasm says:


Alix Ora says:

There's no exception, this mashup is beyond beautiful and breathtaking. I feel like my soul has been cleansed by the harmonies and been touched by the pure talent found here. Xoxo Alix🖤✨

mizzmusicthief says:

I would also like to point out that the title is close to being up-to-date with the tumblr Twilight meme resurgence

Rytyrクモ says:

This is excellent.

Fiddle Sticks says:

This is beautiful!!!

Cutecloverrun Evalyn says:

Blissful. I want to hug this mashup. <( ̄︶ ̄)>

HuskyArts • says:

God this is incredible

legman53 says:

Beautiful arrangement!

Joshua Alto says:

I really love the song so much!

Velvesius Medora says:

Wow! TERRIFIC as always…😲



abracxari says:

This is one of your best! This is beautiful! I usually don’t comment but it’s too good 🙂

TheSwingman says:

First! Great mashup as always. Always happy to hear Lindsey, and you've been using her newest really effectively.

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