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The Mysterious TikTok Randonautica App

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There’s this new popular tiktok app called Randonautica. The app generates random quantum coordinates which are high points of energy that comes from the earth. Before you go to these points you are told to “manifest” some kind of intention or think about something, and whatever you think about will be waiting for you at your destination…

– 💡 –
All clips and TikToks shown in the video belong to their original creators.

• Randonautica: https://www.randonautica.com
• Randonauting Intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h148J7ym7Ww
• Randonauting Inside Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUp3DP9PCBw
• Randonauting KIRO 7 News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0b2D6APAw4
• Teens find suitcase article: https://spdblotter.seattle.gov/2020/06/19/detectives-investigating-after-human-remains-found-in-west-seattle/
• More Randonautica Info: https://www.pockettactics.com/randonautica/explained
• Randonautica National Post: https://nationalpost.com/news/world/teens-filming-a-tiktok-find-dead-body-in-suitcase-after-using-popular-exploring-app-randonautica

– 🎬 –
• Browsing the Dark Web for the first time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XxM4ThcRsk
• Kid Entrepreneurs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmngBUrEyxA

– 🎵 –
• Intro: Lana Del Rey – West Coast (Stint Remix)
• Background: Cinematic Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDU4endrdkY
• Background: Lil Tecca Type Beat – “Space Jam”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJQkYESNRLk
• Outro: MaKalani – At The Door (Prod. By Cholas)

The Mysterious TikTok Randonautica App


chicken nug says:

People be dumb as hell tf

clørøx.mp4 says:

Ghost: knocks down boulder


Khloe-rose Gray says:

Keeps trying to send me to someone's backyard on the next street over but that would be trespassing 😂

Anthony A says:

Does anyone know the location of the town in the second video?

1980s Love says:

TikTok doesn’t randomly generate places.

jl says:

This reminds me of the MoMo app

templarsofsteel says:

dude what's the game your playing in the background,?

Lily Grace says:

What you playing??

Sara Potiche says:

That place remind me of the hills have eyes

kachana mukela says:

This app will make a real life horror movie soon 😒

Sam Stewart says:

Randonatica brought me two three dead body’s at an abandoned asylum

Envi Osiris says:

The girl crying is so cringe. Something about her reaction makes me cringe. It doesn't seem sincere.

Demiyen says:

ok why the f u c k would your intention be death ? like- are you stupid??

FBI agent 776 says:

Dude the rock rolling down that hill looked like a HEAD and sounded like a head rolling down the hill

StrongBæckhand says:

Let’s get this guy to 150k before Christmas, His videos are quality

Marius Tagalog says:

I hate how People just want to go with the trend and do this randonauting thing…yall might die.

Fiona Harrison says:

The narrator: I’d be at home chillin’ I’m not about to star in my own horror movie. I 100% relate LMFAOOOOO

FAR CRY says:

How is this Possible Bro

William Park says:

Lol I'm trying this bullshit

Bebop BabyBop says:

This is creepy I WANT TO TRY!

Qiz on crack says:

Randonautica took me to my house before idk I’m so scared

Детелина Жейнова says:

9:10 You would be surprised how many of the killers in the (real;actual) crime shows I watch on investigation discovery(Id extra) leave their weapons covered in blood in their backyard, their car or even in their bedrooms ;and also there were some of the killers that had buried their victims in their own backyard!!!

poisson ivy4 says:

Don't go in a car that you find like that idiots

poisson ivy4 says:

Is that a trail? touches the blood trail

Valor says:

New idea finna randonaut for a Pc or a rtx 2080

FURIOUS Beast says:

Face reveal?

Nicole Christina says:

This is more scary than Annabell

Donald Hutchison says:

you keep saying coincidence well there is no such thing .

Aesthetic Avacado says:


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