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The Life of Toph Beifong: Entire Timeline Explained (Childhood, Motherhood, & Later Life)

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That one Lemon says:

‘Toph would constantly see kids playing outside’

X to doubt

Artic Mak says:

Toph is the greatest earthbender in the world

Ajitesh Kumar says:

i hate how much weaker toph gets in the show and comics. she is my favorite character so it kinda hurts me more

Potato _gacha says:

So you’re telling me that Toph saw appa in the sky?

Lisaa Msp says:

I think it's really sad that they present Toph as a bad mother but actually she is not she did everthing for het girl but it was difficut I'm not gonna lie but she was alone in this so I think that she was a bad mother and that she is not so much of a bitch as they think she is

Peggy Veux says:

But how did she see appa in the sky?

Sepn says:

when Appa was stolen and they made an ep of him THATS WHEN MY TEARS STARTING COMING OUT

hey look what i made says:

1:27 toph can’t see….

Hello fello Asians says:

If toph was the avatar the series would be finished in 5 episodes

Firstname Lastname says:

26:43 *hear

thisisyordan says:

Is so sad that the whole comics arent made into the series

Hannah Rothwell says:

Please make one of these for iroh

Andrew Strickland says:

Tough would see kids playing outside 😂

Ap pa says:

It’s hard to believe Aang died

imachikinnugget says:

i don't like the comic artists who didn't understand the power of toph.. like come on!

Alexis McNeill says:

Only a few minutes in and it shows the comic page with the kids playing outside. I'm assuming she HEARD them. Did anyone catch that the speaker said she saw them playing?

Kywifo ! says:

she was proud of who she was and what she accomplished.

Tiger 448 says:

I don’t know if this is true but I think that tough can feel that the death spirit in the Earth that’s why she hasn’t died yet

Cortegard0 3 says:

Toph is, and always has been, a bad bitch

Sydney Pitts says:

Do Zuko's life next!

King Jack says:

Six twins? You mean sextuplets. Making them septuplets

Patrik Suchánek says:

1:28 she would see the kids?

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