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The Life of Azula: What Happened After the Series? (Avatar Explained)

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MovieFlame says:

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alourixa says:

Wit wait-Mai doesn’t marry Zulu ö if true this leaves a big hole in the series.

Barcelos Rooster says:

Idk if anyone has mentioned this but "Azul" in portuguese means blue and that makes me like Azula's name even more because you know she uses blue fire?

Sazuki Kouzuki says:

What ist the Background Theme?

LiLi ⟭⟬ says:


Aleyna Zeray says:

Soundtrack pls???

Xxtired AydenxX says:

Zuko:I can’t tell but she’s slipping..


xX ON3GOD Xx says:

I would’ve wifed the bih no cap! 🤤

As As says:


Joseph Adventure says:

U forgot 5e funniest part of the. My own mother thought i was a monster.
It’s. My own mother thought I was a monster she was right of corse but it still hurt.
She litterly admitted she was a monster

Magic Chocolate says:

I wich comic those the last part of azulas life take place?

JKDMan2000 says:

i think azula is older than zuko

Hide xd says:

If your reading this😃 I hope you have a good day . I want to reach 1k subs I would appreciate it if you would sub to my channel🙁

Silvia Lopez says:

Am i the only one who’s watching while they still haven’t even watch the whole thing and only is on season 3

Joseph Ryan says:

Let’s just say Azula got solitary confinement because of her little mental breakdown.

•Yokie• Kitty• says:

atla now :(huge story)
atla if zuko just illed azula:(tiny book)

master yoda says:

if azula just got love from her mother.
azula was a good person

Emilola Ajibola says:

Azula is 5” and Zuko is 5’3”

Just a quick fun fact

vibe king says:

what if uncle iroh is the dad-

Ukai's headband says:

Why does Azula really resemble a lot of people I know :/

Zodiac Ishie says:

Why isn't Azula filmed protecting Zuko like it would add a really decent amount of love for Azula :'(

wesou14 says:

Is it me or does Azula have cremation 🤔🤔

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