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The Life of Avatar Wan: The First Avatar Explained (Avatar the Last Airbender)

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starlight_93 says:

The first of anything is never perfect. He's not the strongest, wisest, or most humble. But he deserves respect for starting it all.

Isa Musa says:

That why I love avatar cartoon

Karren Kuddlesberg says:

In an alternative history, Wan became a neutral or hybrid avatar as he merged with both spirits? And become ageless due to being that powerful? Or too much power kills him or leads to nasty side effects?

Kathleen Fairweather says:

Why’d this video make me cry damn

Skinny Penis says:

So it’s like assassin’s creed

CAT BUG says:

Watch the next avatar make it so the other avatars come back

ollem thims says:

It just sounds like you’re saying Jews

JellyZz says:

Wait oma and shu weren't the first earthbenders?

Jaden Watson says:

Wate so is wan a man or woman if he gets reincarnated 🤔

Norman Clent Garcia says:

the life of avatar Szeto (AKA Avatar Jafar) from the novel of kyoshi

Ulquiorra Cifer says:

I like the idea of Wan, but ultimately hate the execution. Reason being that it never really helps when you explain the magic, very few franchises have done a good job at that. The Wan arc was interesting, but the idea of God and Satan is rarely a good one, I especially dislike Raava & Vaatu because while their designs and concept are based off Yin & Yan, they are a misinterpretation of that concept. The importance of Yin & Yan isn't light and darkness or good and evil, it's the dots inside each other, the idea that things are complex and no matter how good someone is, there is always a bit of evil within and no matter how evil someone seems, there's always some good qualities within. Also, the Wan arc basically states that the Avatar is unnatural, some schmuck came along and got in the way of the natural order which goes against the idea of the Avatar maintaining Balance, when the creation of the Avatar is something unnatural. The same goes for bending, I always thought bending was something apart of nature, but no, it's a power that doesn't belong to humans.

EGA 1022 says:

Avatar “Wan” i just realized that

Juan Diego Acquaroni Balzaretti says:

Ok he might do that but he protected and that power made the saving of the world

Mob78 says:

I wonder what would have happened if Wan fused with both Ravaa and Vaatu

Alex Malenfant says:

Wan, the personification of humankind attempting to take the balance into our own hands

Wilfredy Nunez says:

The thing I didn't fully understand when first watching Wan's story was that Raava was what allowed Wan to switch between elements. Without it, Wan was limited to only a single element at a time, just like every other human. Also it seems that without Raava, Korra became a natural Airbender, instead of a natural Water Bender, ever since Amon took her bending away. It's the element she is seen using when Ravva is not inside of her.

Lazy Bear Animations says:

Korra severed the connection, just so she could be the first Avatar.

pinky martini says:

Whys he so against the Jews

Clara the Skittle says:

Where do you watch these like tlok and the first avatar, on netflix?
I watched atla on netflix but I can't find the rest

The Master says:

That, would have been funny if ewan macgregor…was voicing him!!

Darius Fenwick says:

yo I love your shows

Frinz Rhazel Dizon says:

My Dad Is The Avatar When We Needed Him The Most He Vanished

soyem ahmed says:

Wait if Cory is the first avatar now then will the events of avatar The Last Airbender and Kyoshi or Roku happen again

Ali murtaza says:

I am so sad that the avatar cycle restarted:(
Korra should have been careful cuz all the avatars before her officially died in the spirit form too

Vijay Bridgelalsingh says:

So Korrea is just the worse

Rolan James Cudal says:

uhh What about the energybending lion turtle its in the main avatar story last airbender when sozins comet was 2 days away he disapeared cuz he saw the energybending lion turtle soo uhh u forgot about that?

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